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Seaver Street market held up at gunpoint

The Happy Super Mart, 122 Seaver St., at Humboldt Avenue, was held up by a man with a gun around 10:45 p.m.

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What the hell is the point of this? You're going to hold up a store at gunpoint, for what? For some cash? Then what? Go spend your stolen cash on some, thing? Why not just go steal that thing you want to begin with and leave the market keeper alone?

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Why not just go steal that thing you want to begin with

In my opinion, it would take a minor Oceans 11 to successfully rob a pot dispensary.... and if their security wears tracksuits with Top Gun sunglasses then best stick with going up against convenience store owners.

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criminals must ultimately want drugs is a really reactionary thought.

and weed of all things? lol

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criminals must ultimately want drugs

Yes. By far. Robbery criminals. Feeney study 1986.

The second top reason (half that of druggies) is food/family. The study did not say, but I bet you that maybe... just mayyyybe, the criminal spent the family food money on drugs. Hey and whadya know... I am right - https://www.ncjrs.gov/pdffiles1/nij/grants/193800.pdf

Now you may be correct in defending the stoner crowd but they are so spaced out they almost always get caught, possibly adding to an illusion that most robberies have a marijuana component in there.... and they get tripped up many times in humorous ways which delight us all. Shine on you crazy diamonds. Tweakers are squirrelly and tend to get away so they do not have to fill out any study questionaires. I bet heroin is number one but again, I personally would rather take my chances with apu than with knocking over a dealer.

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Who robs the Super Happy Fun Mart? That thief robbed us all.

They take EBT and have a bitcoin ATM, plus their trash cans look like they bought them from a Baskin Robbins.... Super Happy!!

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Their Jamaican beef patties are one of my favorite things.

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