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Four shot, one dead on Windermere Road in Dorchester

Windermere Road

The scene on Windermere, with the pickup that was shot up.

KMV reports four people were shot around 6:30 p.m. on Windermere Road, about midway between Stoughton Street and Cushing Avenue.

Boston Police report one victim was declared dead at the scene. The other three were taken to local hospitals with injuries not considered life threatening.

A Windermere Road resident reports hearing at least a dozen shots: "Seems like someone went down the sidewalk and fired into the truck on the passenger side and then at the dudes on the porch on the right, who are always out there."

2019 murders in Boston.



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This qualifies as a mass shooting.

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One of them passed away. I tell guys all the time don't hang in parked cars especially if you have smoke. Hope yall are safe tonight

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It's unconscionable that a Boston neighborhood is being treated like a tribal warzone.

My condolences to the victims and their families and friends. And also to everyone who has to worry about getting shot just for being in a Boston neighborhood.

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Right to the dog whistles, huh.

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OMG you should’ve been a cop!!

And no.

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I believe that Windermere is Dutch for Windmill. It seems to be hilly there which would be a gud place for a windmill.

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Windermere is the name of a large lake in Cumbria in northern England (now part of the Lake Districts national park). Its name seems to come from a combination of a Norse name and an old English word for lake.

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mass shooting...where is CNN, and all of the anti-gun folks?

or is that just when an "assault" rifle is involved?

Nope - the reason is that they don't give a shit about inner-city violence - or areas where the vast majority of gun violence occurs.

sad to think that the shooter will most likely re-offend if not caught - and has probably committed gun crimes in the past - but you know, Boston judges.

prayers for the family and victims

and the beat goes on.

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you know that progressives agree that it's fucked up that nobody gives a shit about inner city violence too, right?

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I've been blown into the ground in shame for thinking that Windermere was Dutch for windmill. At the Hull Gut at the end of the Hull peninsula there is a modern windmill located on Windermere point that replaced an old windmill. If you go to the base you can look through the window and see spinning dials that tells you how much electricity it is generating. It makes about a dollar a minute without any pollution or monies paid to oil, coal, or nuclear. It cost 2 Mil to build and took 4 years to pay for itself. The Hull Municipal Light Company gets 11% of its electricity from its 2 windmills.

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You guys are sitting here talking about the name of the street. Theres someones father and son dead and three others shot!

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I was just thinking that. That type of thing always happens on here. Shows how little these people care about what happens to "certain" people. Let it be about bike lanes or some other yuppie thing and I bet they'll stay on topic.

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Thank you for that he was my fiance.

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