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Man shot to death in the Back Bay

Possible suspect being loaded into car

Possible suspect loaded into cruiser. Photo by Kara Deyermenjian.

UPDATE: WFXT reports the victim died.

Ring Road is shut as police investigate a shooting outside the Colonnade Hotel on Huntington Avenue in the Back Bay around 11 a.m. Ginny reports:

According to my building management (I work nearby) there was an argument between two people outside the Colonnade Hotel. One person was shot and the other fled the scene. The victim has been removed by an emergency response team.

The suspect may have made it to Ring Road, where he was arrested.

Ring Road shut (photos by Shawn Fitzgibbon):

Ring Road shut
Ring Road shut

2019 murders in Boston.

At 11:55, Ginny reported:

An update from my building management said that the suspect is in custody and our building is re-opened. If anyone was a witness and wants to make a statement regarding the shooting they can contact the BPD or the NEU police department.




A suspect is in BPD custody.

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Apparently the public stepped up with excellent info that led to the arrest. The fact is that in the central parts of Boston witnesses are less afraid to get involved than in many neighborhoods.

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News now saying victim was DOA at hospital.

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That's a new one for me. What is their jurisdiction? H ow many police departments are patrolling the streets of Boston? My guess is at least fifty in downtown alone.

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There are not 50 police departments patrolling downtown Boston. Even back in the days of the MDC and Capitol Police there weren't 50 police departments with any sort of jurisdiction downtown. Nowadays, it's down to BPD, Transit, State and, I guess, Suffolk and Emerson police.

Every college in Boston has its own police department. All have arrest powers and at least the larger ones (BU, Northeastern, BC - whose chief used to run BPD) equip their officers with guns - don't know about the smaller ones. The key thing, though, is that they're supposed to stick to their own campuses, except in emergency pursuits and the like. I'm sure we'll find out soon enough why Northeastern's PD is involved here.

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Colleges that have police departments with armed officers are specially-sworn members of the Massachusetts State Police (my exact term of art may be slightly off, but it's something like that). Therefore, the Mutual Aid agreement between BPD/the local district stations, the colleges, Transit/MBTA, the State Police, and other interested parties (DCR, BTD, and so on) means that when an "all-hands on deck" call comes through, the nearest parties with sworn officers from any branch will respond. From NESN's coverage, it looked like there were also cruisers from Berklee and maybe Tufts to help establish the initial cordon. I think Ed Hesford reads here, he might chime in to clarify.

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Northeastern has offices a stone's throw from where this happened

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occupies most or all of the "Colonnade" building on the Christian Science Plaza, facing the reflecting pool. (not to be confused with the Colonnade Hotel on the other side of Huntington Ave.) They may also be in some of the nearby tower at the corner of Dalton and Huntington.

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Don't forget Boston Housing Police and whatever federal law enforcement agencies that can operate in Boston like FBI, ICE, Federal Marshalls and County Sheriffs

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U-Mass Police
Suffolk County Sheriffs
Fisher college
School Police
Federal Protective services
Homeland Security Police
Department of mental health police
Veterans affairs police
Court officers
Secret Service
State Department of diplomatic security
DPU INSPECTORS have police powers
Bunker Hill College police
Roxbury Community college police
Boston Medical Center Police

I'll stop now

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Boston Police
State Police
Transit Police
Suffolk County Sheriff
Boston Housing Authority Police
Environmental Police
Suffolk County Sheriff
Boston School Police
Boston Municipal Protective Services
Mass General Hospital Police
Massachusetts Port Authority Police
Massachusetts Convention Center Authority Public Safety Department
Boston Park Rangers
DCR Rangers

That's 13 and doesn't count all the Federal agencies in the city. Plus all the college police forces you are pushing 50.

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24 is the rough count. In Boston proper you could run into police from the following departments with jurisdiction there on any day: State Police, Boston Police, Boston Municipal Protective Services (City Hall), MBTA (Transit) Police, Suffolk County Sheriff's Department, DCR Rangers (State House/Esplanade), MassPort Police, ICE, Postal Police, Amtrak Police, Federal Protective Service (Moakley Courthouse), MGH Police, MCCA Public Safety, Universities each with a department: Emerson, Suffolk, Simmons, Wentworth, Harvard, Northeastern, BU, BC, UMASS Boston, MassART, Bunker Hill Community College.

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But not all of those agencies have arrest powers or any reason to patrol downtown Boston.

Boston park rangers and the Boston Municipal Protective Services officers, for example, cannot arrest you and don't carry guns (I don't know about DCR rangers; but they have their own Environmental Police).

College cops can patrol their campuses but they can't just patrol the Common or arrest somebody there - unless they can prove some connection to their institutions (See this Supreme Judicial Court ruling involving BU police). School Police don't have guns.

Suffolk County sheriff's deputies can arrest people, but they're not patrolling the streets of downtown Boston. Can Amtrak or postal police arrest somebody on the Common if they see somebody doing something wrong? I don't know (somebody who does chime in), but neither they nor the Federal Protective Services officers who keep watch on the JFK Building and other federal buildings are patrolling downtown Boston.

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