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Police say man had a lot of junk in his trunk: 4 1/2 pounds of heroin and fentanyl

Boston Police report arresting a local man in the South End yesterday after, they say, drug-control officers watched another guy deposit a package that turned out to contain more than two pounds each of heroin and fentanyl in the man's car trunk.

Police say the officers were on Columbus Avenue at Wellington Street around 2:25 p.m. when they saw a white man "hurriedly approach the suspect’s vehicle before depositing a package in the trunk of the vehicle" and then just as hurriedly walked away. The driver, Steven Gonzalez, then drove off down Columbus, police say, adding the officers turned on their blues and quickly stopped him:

When asked where he was coming from, the operator stated that he was coming from the dry cleaners where he had just dropped off his clothes. When officers asked the operator if he’d been anywhere else or interacted with anyone in the last few minutes, the suspect stated, “No.” When asked pointedly about the earlier transaction, the suspect appeared to be startled, flustered and surprised by the question. When further queried about the package in the trunk, the suspect had no explanation and refused to answer any questions. At this time, the suspect was asked to exit the motor vehicle while a BPD K-9 responded to the scene. Once on scene, the BPD K-9 began examining the car for the presence of illegal narcotics. In short time, the BPD K-9 alerted his handler to the presence of illegal drugs in the vehicle.

Later, after obtaining a search warrant, officers opened the trunk and found the drugs, police say. Gonzalez was then charged with trafficking Class A drugs.

Innocent, etc.

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I'm confused by the quantities of fentanyl being seized. You read about dealers getting caught with pounds of fentanyl. But a couple pounds of fentanyl is enough to kill every man, woman, and child in Boston. With so much fentanyl moving around, why bother with heroin?

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But maybe there is simply SO MUCH HEROIN being consumed that, even if only a minuscule amount of fentanyl is being added, it all adds up to a lot of fentanyl.

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If you spread that out among a large number of people, it would be Not Good, but as packages of the stuff, maybe not as deadly? Chlorine could kill or hurt a lot of people, too, but any decent pool store or WalMart will have lots and lots of the stuff in bottles and hockey-puck sized tabs.

But somebody please correct this possibly misinformed statement.

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On the left, a lethal dose of heroin; on the right, a lethal dose of fentanyl.
New Hampshire State Police Forensic Lab

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For this case: https://bpdnews.com/news/2015/11/25/mdtimff618soa5dmls4j0jri57dhnd

Unfortunately we let him off. Hopefully he gets put behind bars this time.

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Couldn't say which one of them owned the gun? Then get them all for it!

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Gun was under his seat, but didn't have fingerprints. We all knew it was his but couldn't prove it.

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