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Police say man tried to pay for cross-town ride with fake bill, was rebuffed, held driver up at gunpoint

Boston Police report arresting a Dorchester man on an armed-robbery charge for the way he ended his ride from Dorchester to Brigham Circle at the end of a gun.

Police say Uhmari Bufford, 24, got into a livery vehicle on Boyd Street in Dorchester on the afternoon of June 5 and had the driver take him to St. Albans Road:

The victim stated the suspect attempted to pay the victim with a counterfeit one-hundred-dollar bill, which the victim refused to accept. The victim stated the suspect removed a firearm from a small bag he had been carrying and demanded the victim’s wallet and cell phones. The suspect took the victim’s property and fled into the Mission Park Complex.

Police say officers were unable to find Bufford, at least that day.

But armed with an arrest warrant, gang-unit officers were ready when they tracked him down to the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square around 11:30 a.m. yesterday - they arrested him on a warrant for armed robbery - police say.

Bufford was not unknown to police - he was arrested in 2014 on gun charges and again last November on charges he tried to murder somebody with a knife.

Innocent, etc.


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