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Suspect in Fields Corner shooting opened fire on cops, police say; they returned fire, killing him

Police Commissioner William Gross said tonight that one of two men running away from a possible shooting at Town Field in Dorchester around 5:15 p.m. turned on bicycle cops who had pursued him a couple blocks and began firing at them.

The two officers returned fire. The suspect, 19, was declared dead at the scene, Gross said at a press conference tonight.

Gross said that when the suspect ran down Penhallow Street, off Melville Street, one got off his bike and began running after him. He showed his gun. The two officers yelled at him several times to drop his gun. Instead, Gross said, the man turned and opened fire.

Gross said neither of the officers was hit. After the suspect fell to the ground, he said, the officers ran to him and began performing first aid until Boston EMS paramedics arrive.

He added the second man remains at large.

The commissioner said the officers were not wearing body cameras, but that C-11 officers, who quickly responded to the scene were. Footage from their cameras will be reviewed as part of an investigation by both Boston Police and the Suffolk County District Attorney's office into the incident, he said.

Video from the Penhallow scene.


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I believe C-ll officers all wear body cameras which should help in the investigation.

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I think the witnesses that were there might be a bit of a help, too

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Channel 7 reported bicycle officers were the first to respond and did not have cams. After that the C11 officers, with cams, responded.

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We got a great record of non fatal police related shootings, but, guns kill.

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