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Police say two guys fired guns in Dorchester, rode scooters to Mattapan, robbed a woman at gunpoint

Boston Police report arresting two men, one from Hyde Park and one from Stoughton on a variety of gun and robbery charges for a couple of incidents yesterday afternoon into yesterday evening.

Police say officers responded to a report of gunfire on Harvard Street, near where it turns into Bowdoin Street, around 4:15 p.m. The officers found a car with fresh bullet damage and:

During that incident, two suspects, later identified as Teshawn Hector-Coleman, 25, of Stoughton and Daiquan Miller, 20, of Hyde Park, were observed fleeing the area on motorized scooters.

Around 5:50 p.m., police say, the two had made their way down to Hunt Playground on Almont Street in Mattapan, where they robbed a woman of her scooter and money by showing a gun and a knife.

At about 6:20 PM, officers observed two individuals matching the suspect description operating scooters in a rear courtyard area adjacent to 30 Stratton Street in Dorchester. Additional responding units set a perimeter and were able to stop both suspects, despite their efforts to flee. Officers then recovered a loaded 9mm SCCY handgun located inside a storage pouch which was secured against the chest of Teshawn Hector-Coleman. Officers also then recovered a loaded .25 caliber Raven Model MP25 handgun from an under-seat storage compartment of the scooter which was being operated by Daiquan Miller. Both suspects were then placed in custody on scene without incident.

The two were arrested on a variety of charges, including unlawful possessoin of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm, armed carjacking and armed robbery, police say.

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