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For second day in a row, Boston EMT is attacked, this time in South Boston

State Police report arresting a woman they say attacked a Boston EMT supervisor responding to a call on Old Colony Avenue in South Boston yesterday - a day after another EMT was stabbed repeatedly downtown.

The supervisor attempted to push her way in self-defense, but she continued her assault unabated, and the two ended up struggling in traffic on Old Colony Avenue at Preble Circle.

Donna A. Taylor, 37, was charged with assault and battery, assault and battery on a person 60 or older, assault on ambulance personnel, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest and disturbing the peace, State Police say. She was already wanted on a warrant out of Boston Municipal Court for larceny over $1,200 and destruction of property under $1,200, State Police say.

According to State Police:

Around 4:25 p.m. Thursday, Troopers Paul Conneely and Derek Tronca were conducting a traffic stop on Preble Circle in South Boston. Simultaneously, Boston Fire and Boston EMS were responding to a medical aid call for an unconscious woman at 313 Old Colony Ave., which abuts the rotary.

While conducting the motor vehicle stop the Troopers heard a man yelling “get back” and heard someone yelling back in response. The Troopers then observed a woman, later identified as DONNA A. TAYLOR, 37, of Boston, trying to push past a Boston EMS supervisor so she could enter 313 Old Colony Ave. The EMS supervisor was attempting to keep her out so the medical response to the unresponsive woman could continue uninterrupted.

TAYLOR pushed the EMS supervisor and began flailing her arms, striking him in the head and upper body. ...

While this was occurring, several people on the sidewalk were filming the assault on their cell phones, but none of them attempted to help the EMS supervisor.

Taylor was ordered held in lieu of $4,000 bail, State Police say, adding the supervisor declined medical attention.

Innocent, etc.




Being someone who has been around drug users and has done plenty of drugs with them for many years, so many of the addicts don't want anyone to "interrupt" their high. When another addict hears of a recent overdose, they want to know who sold the OD'er the shit so they can go buy that same stuff. That means it's good stuff. Many of my friends actually wanted to kill themselves by ODing because they can't get clean without numerous relapses and they are so depressed from their addiction. I know it may not make sense to a non-addict, but it's true.
Just curious, I know in some situations the cops show up with the EMTs. What determines if police show up with the EMTs?

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Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer got a year for that, you know.

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Maybe it's time we allow EMTs to carry firearms to defend themselves. Other cities have armed their EMTs. It's only a matter of time before one of these psycho "patients" kills one of them.

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Sure, add a firearm to the toolbelt of a medical professional who is in close quarters with a patient and who is primarily focused on that patient's medical issues. What could possibly go wrong? Why not instead leave the firearms to the cops?

And what point are you trying to make by using the term "psycho" or by putting scare quotes around "patients?" Have you ever been around or talked to emergency services personnel? It's not at all unusual for even the most perfectly friendly, level-headed, mild-mannered person who has just experienced a diabetic crisis or taken a head injury in a car crash to take a swing at the responding EMTs. Hell, even my sweet 90 year old mom took a hard swing at a medical responder once, and she was certainly no psycho.

Or maybe you think that people who have suffered a blood sugar malfunction or a head injury are just bad people who should be shot?

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Let's just handcuff everyone by both arms who go into one ...lol

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I’m sure the EMT’s would love that!

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I would like to first say, I wish all EMTs who have been injured in recents crimes against you; we hope you recover at your own pace. The citizens of Boston are all praying for you.
To all other EMTs and First Responders, I hope you equally recover from secondary trauma. Im sure to hear a co-worker screaming for help on your radios is traumatic to everyone who had heard that.

Now, to all you fucking idiots cowards devoid of any feelings and lack of humanity individuals, who instead of helping this EMT you decided to just pull your cameras out and record like WTF. To those of you who were capable of helping but instead you wanted to record the incident, What a damn wreck of an individual you are.

I can't decide who I'm more angry at the perpetrators of these crimes or the assholes who could have helped but stood by and did nothing.

First Responders put their lives on the line every day for us shame on you all shame on you.

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Thanks for this. I don’t even want to understand the thought process and ethics that prioritizes the high of getting a scoop over stopping an assault. Sick sick sick. Maybe that’s why I became an EMT - I get involved.

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as a small woman with no crisis training, I wouldn't feel comfortable intervening in a physical fight. but providing evidence so the perpetrator can be brought to actual justice instead of walking is also important?

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Sadly EMT'S and nurses are attacked and beaten all the time. The difference is now that the media is covering these attacks. Last year the media finally covered the rising attacks on teachers and the year before it was MBTA bus drivers who are still being spit on and assaulted.

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Another World Class episode on the mean streets of Boston.

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Maybe you thought that if you named South Station after M. Stanley that our generational nightmare would end and he'd stop haunting us

Well -- its not that simple since he loosed the people with minimal relationships with reality from the State Hospitals onto the streets -- we've been paying the price

Unfortunately, other governors soon followed suit and now the country is beset with people who mostly harm themselves and each other -- but occasional they harm EMT's, people cleaning up the parks and maintaining the city and citizens out for a walk with their dogs.

Or worse they get a gun and shoot a bunch of people

Most of these people need a structured environment which they can not get by being loose living on the street -- true compassion would be to change the laws so that they can be picked-up and committed to place of compassionate care

Dukakis literately "Threw out the baby with the bath water" and we are all the worse for it

At least we're no LA or SH where the mentally ill [aka Homeless] are camping and living without sanitary facilities on the streets en masse

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