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Man shot on Codman Park in Roxbury

Shortly after midnight, WCVB reports.

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Maybe Pressley can focus on her constituents for a change instead of looking for ways to "clap back" on twitter. It's great that she is the star of the woke patrol, but people continue to be shot and killed in her district on the daily. How many people have been shot in the past two weeks? 20? Seems that this threat is a hell of a lot more pressing than what is coming out of Washington. Trump tweets are rude, insulting, and uncalled for - but battling him on twitter is NOT helping her constituents. It's just not.

If she is looking to lead, she should start in her actual district - and tackle some of the issues that she left behind as a city councilor.

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Doesn't mean that's all she's doing. She's actually continuing her work on post-violence trauma (the psychological kind) in Washington that she started as a city councilor.

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I'm focused on the "squad"? Nnnnope, you mentioned them. I'm focused on the actual safety of my fellow Bostonians - and I wish our Congresswomen was too.

How is work on "post violent trauma" preventing our streets from being a warzone? Oh right, it isn't. Some poor family who has been the victim of gun violence doesn't need politician talking about post violent trauma tactics - they need their loved one to be alive still, they need less gun criminals on the streets, they need people to talk with police, they need stricter penalties for repeat gun criminals etc.

Instead, Pressley will continue her quest for the limelight while "resisting" trump and furthering her name recognition - and in the meantime, It's going to be a long hot summer in Boston - and its the same old thing here with illegal guns, shooting, and drugs.

"Started as a city councilor" - gotta love Politician-speak. The only career where you can start something, not finish, talk a bunch, tweet like crazy, and people love you for it. Doesn't really work the same in the private sector when you actually have to produce.

the constituents of the 7th district should not expect much in the way of services - not while there is tweeting and full time resisting to be done.

Stay woke everyone.

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Actually standing up to racism does help her constituents.

Just say what you mean, you love Trump and love when he goes full racist and you want women and people of color to just STFU. Enough with the weak insincere strawman arguments.

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