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Man shot to death on Rowe Street in Roslindale

Live Boston reports a person was fatally shot at 27 Rowe St. around 3:10 p.m.

The victim, believed to be in his 20s, was pronounced dead at the scene, Boston Police report.

One Rowe Street resident reported hearing several shots.

Some suspects taken into custody on American Legion Highway near Canterbury Street.

In 2014, a high-school senior was shot to death outside 136 Rowe St., on the other side of Cummins Highway.

This is Roslindale's first murder this year, and possibly its first since 2015.

Video of press conference at scene by police commissioner and DA.
2019 murders in Boston.




Remember this one from 2014?


Here's a funny quote from a BPD officer.

"Brown said he could not discuss specifics of the ongoing investigation into the death of the Madison Park senior, but he said four homicide detectives are working on it and that he is optimistic a suspect or suspects will be found."

What's 4x0 again? Oh right zero arrests made, zero murderers removed from our neighborhood. Thanks boys, nice Punisher T-shirt.

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They just said on the radio they have two in custody and the suspects are currently being transported to Homicide.

But troll on.

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I'm still sad that a kid was gunned down in the middle of the day near my house and BPD tried a little to solve it and then after the furor dropped down and stopped trying. It's a bummer. But hey blue lives matter right amigo?

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Do you have any proof they “stopped trying” to solve that homicide? If you can provide any I’ll gladly concede.

They’ve recently augmented the cold case unit and started releasing videos where relatives of victims speak out on unsolved homicides, going decades back even.

I personally think is incredibly brave to race towards calls for gunfire, and take TWO suspects who just fucking killed someone safely into custody, so I say kudos to them. But hey fuck tha police, right comrade?

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Misplaced anger.

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With similar frustrations I hear your concerns, but suspect it's a bit more complicated than that.

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Is there anything different about that street than others which would make it more murder prone?

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That was 37 Rowe and a drug related murder - maybe this is one too? That guy was caught and convicted.

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I had been following the 2010 murder and never heard it was solved. Is there a news article about the guy being caught or charged?

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Nobody was caught in convicted in that case. To this day it goes on unsolved. Good friend of mines who passed. You need to get your facts straight before you go spreading fake news dude.

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Ugh I live on that street and it is super quiet and everyone on it is nice. No idea why so many murders happen on it.

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Hasnt been the same since St Tarcisius closed,,,,,

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