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Two shot on Norfolk Street in Dorchester, then their ambulance crashes

Ambulance on its side after crash

Ambulance after crash. Photo by KMV.

Both in the leg, at Norfolk Street at Thetford Avenue around 11:55 p.m. Injuries not considered life threatening.

The ambulance carrying the victims to an emergency room collided with a car and rolled on its side at Morton and Harvard streets. The two were then transferred to another ambulance for the ride to the hospital, while another ambulance was called for the two EMTs with them.

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Was the original ambulance driver who'd been transporting the two guys who'd been shot to the hospital driving too fast and subsequently crashed into the car?

Or, was the driver of the car that the original ambulance crashed into drunk, driving too fast, and thereby ended up crashing into the ambulance?

This is horrendous. That's a lot of injured people to have be transported to the hospital at one time. It's weird how all that happened.

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I was the driver of the car immediately behind the car that struck the ambulance that flipped .....was trying to go through a red light.....& didn’t see the emergency vehicle closeness to the car even though it was just about to clear the intersection..... thankfully no one else seriously injured

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Two EMTs with injuries for doing their job. It’s very dangerous being in back, working, usually not sitting or with belt on because they are taking care of a patient. It’s unacceptable for vehicles to be running lights and not yielding to emergency vehicles. Should have charges to protect those who protect us.

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Stop saying ‘ambulance driver.’

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I was just about to say the same thing! NOT Ambulance 'Drivers' they are EMT"S!

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This was obviously not a diss at EMTs. Everyone knows that the people driving ambulances are, at a minimum, EMTs. It was simply to clarify that the question was about the person who was driving the ambulance (and, y'know, functioning as a driver and not an EMT when the crash happened).

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Running a red light and/or refusing to yield to emergency vehicles, such as ambulances, police cars with their lights flashing, or fire engines are both violations of the law. The person in this instance who refused to yield to the ambulance due to attempting to run a red light deserves to be tried for and charged with attempted vehicular homicide, or, if the violator was drunk or drugged out, to get a DUI charge slapped on them, on top of that, and put behind bars for awhile, and to get their license pulled for awhile.

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