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Another one of those rare daytime shootings sends person to hospital, this time in Roxbury

A man was shot around 2:20 p.m. on Vine Street near Mt. Pleasant Avenue in Roxbury.

State Rep. Liz Miranda reports the victim went into the Vine Street Community Center, which runs daytime programs for children, to seek help:

The building was locked down to protect everyone and they got him help immediately.

No attendees of Vine Street witnessed anything. However, a letter was given and will be given to parents. Trauma supports will be enacted. BPD also responded and are working on the case.

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I see what you did there

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they far from rare I like Marty Walsh but will say anything to minimize shootings when there Is 25 plus less shootings and 20 less homicide's then remind us instead of the 16 people did get shot this Fourth of July weekend the last year there was six murders in the same time frame, there has been 25 murders this year but at the same time last year there was 26 stupid, no one the half a brain wants to hear that come with real change please

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