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Hyde Park convenience store robbed at gunpoint, possibly by same man robbing stores in neighboring towns

The Pit Stop convenience store, 695 Truman Parkway, at Fairmount Avenue, was held up at gunpoint around 10:30 p.m.

The suspect is described as a black man, 6'2" and wearing a black mask, all black clothes and black-and-red sneakers. He might be driving an older gray Honda Accord with no hub caps and damage on the passenger side.

He may be the same robber responsible for a string of recent convenience-store robberies in Dedham, Milton and Quincy.

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It’s Truman highway you squid

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A Hyde Park townie!

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Just a piece of trivia - the Pit Stop is back under the management of the nice man who was thrown under the bus by Tedeschi's back during the Waterpocalypse for selling Menino's statie driver water at half-price.

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I was living back then a few blocks away. An aweaome store back then.

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