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Man shot in Franklin Field development in Dorchester

In the leg, around 11:10 p.m. between Stratton and Ames streets. Injuries not considered life threatening.

Not long after, police arrested Jayrheik Thomas, 22, of Roxbury, on various gun charges. Police say officers who were investigating the sound of a gunshot stopped to ask a group of men if they'd heard it, when they spotted him running past them. He crashed into a fence between 40 and 50 Ames St., police say, then ran into 70 Ames St.:

Officers continued their pursuit into the building and observed the male pull a firearm from the right side of his waist as he scaled a flight of stairs. The male then threw the firearm and continued up the stairs.Officers eventually placed the suspect in custody following a brief struggle. Officers recovered a Smith & Wesson 9mm model 990L loaded with seven rounds of live ammunition.

However, police did not charge Thomas with the shooting.

Innocent, etc.


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