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Pack of men stomp, rob disabled man at Ashmont T station, police say

Cowardly Assault & Robbery Ashmont MBTA


Transit Police report arresting a Hyde Park man and say they are looking for other men for an attack and robbery at Ashmont station around 5 p.m. on Wednesday.

Police say Julius Tolbert, 47, of Hyde Park, was among a group of men who grabbed a 60-year-old man's cane, which made him fall to the ground "where he lay helplessly while being kicked, stomped and robbed."

Tolbert, police say, kicked the man and stomped on his ankle.

Innocent, etc.

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This is so disturbing but in this area of the station, notwithstanding recent physical upgrades, there is constant loitering smoking and what appears to be drug using/ dealing.
T police need to clear this out more. It creates a very unsafe feeling and apparently unsafe activity.


As someone who goes through the north end of the station, I have to agree. A lot of shady activity happening right out in the open, certainly a lot of open drinking, dealing and smoking. Fights and yelling are common. Should be less of a problem as colder weather comes, but T police really should broom this area more often during the warmer months.


is not a crime? anything goes. God forgive the Police grab these punks and cuff them Police Brutality. They go to coourt and it gets tossed anyway. This homley punk Tolbert they will make excuses Brocken home, he has a mental condition, not enough govt aid is homeless etc. So just rob disabled peoplea at the station and laugh at the cops when they come.


is not a crime? anything goes. God forgive the Police grab these punks and cuff them Police Brutality. They go to coourt and it gets tossed anyway. This homley punk Tolbert they will make excuses Brocken home, he has a mental condition, not enough govt aid is homeless etc. So just rob disabled peoplea at the station and laugh at the cops when they come.

I go through here every day for work and like Dudley Square I WISH I could avoid going through here, especially at night where all of the foolishness really happens. Loitering, smoking, boisterous behaviour really keep me from going here at night... it needs to stop.

Nothing is changing in the near future

Assault & battery on an elderly or disabled person causing bodily injury is a felony with up to 5 years of jail time. FFS who does something like that?


After all, the mbtatrainsitpd called it a "cowardly act". Maybe because it was a cowardly act?

I wonder if she thinks this is a crime, what joke she is. Almost as funny as Andrea Cabral as Sherriff. Wonder how??


You haven't actually ever read her list of offenses she does not consider worth prosecuting (hint: Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon is not on it), have you? I'd provide a link, but at this point, it'd just be a waste of time.


Trespassing, drug possession and drug possession with intent to distribute are on her list and lead to crimes like the one in the video.

Did you read the list it is disgrace!!!! and this is a start which leads to more and more added to the list.

drug Possession
drug possession with intent to distribute
receiving stolen property
Wanton or Malicious destruction of property

They have already started these practices in Roxbury and Dorchester Courts!!!

I don't think I am a and Idiot and better yet not a bleeding liberal.


A leftist who needs some stiches?


Is usually some rich kid who went to and Ivy school, that is after Mrs Brown's prep school. Which his or her dad fully funded No Pell Grants or work study kids here. So they have been pampered all their lives. They go off to college and hook up with similar kids and they are bored so they need something to keep busy with a CAUSE. so they jump on some minority or save the planet group. Of course they disown their big business father who gave them everything. Only to a degree when they run out on MONEY when the find out their degree in French Literature is worthless and need daddy's allowance they continue on for a while then decide to go to Business school and then work in daddy's business and the cycle continues with their kids. Corey Booker, Kamala Harris, Kennedys, Gillebrand etc.


...have some serious toxic envy issues there, my dude.

How does it feel to cling to poisonous lies about other people that you've fabricated in your tiny shriveled mind?

Get help.


he didn't really fabricate those ideas in his own mind (which is probably too tiny and shriveled for the task). They are entirely prefabricated.


or really out to lunch...


Somebody needs to be put in the Time Out Corner until snack time.

I usually don't respond to posts on UHUB but I just had to share my super crazy rich life as a "bleeding liberal."

I went to BPS schools and did not graduate from college.

Raised by a single mom w/ a brood of kids who worked (sometimes 2 jobs!) and put herself through college. She had no family around to help.

Father died when I was 9 and his "big business" was drinking. Good times.

Started to do laundry, ironing and learning to cook at 7 b/c we needed to be self sufficient.

Started working at 14 (had odd jobs for about 4 years before I could "legally" work).

Lived with a drug addicted sibling which meant sleeping w/ a baseball bat and a deadbolt on my bedroom door starting at the age of 16. More crazy good times!

I could go on, just like so many others in the world, but I was never bitter or angry that I didn't get a hand up (though I realize being Caucasian gave me an insta hand up). Just /c someone gets a hand up doesn't inherently make them bad. You can be rich, poor or in between and still be an a-hole.

The difference between this "bleeding liberal" and you is the fact that even though life wasn't easy I was taught to give what you can when you can. To realize that even though we didn't have a lot there were people with much less and we should help them. That sharing and trying to help others, no matter their station in life, is a good thing.


This lifetime afterschool special picture of liberalism could only be constructed by someone living in his parents basement.


Shoplifting (including offenses that are essentially shoplifting but charged as larceny)
Larceny under $250
Disorderly conduct
Disturbing the peace
Receiving stolen property
Minor driving offenses, including operating with a suspend or revoked license
Breaking and entering — where it is into a vacant property or where it is for the purpose of sleeping or seeking refuge from the cold and there is no actual damage to property
Wanton or malicious destruction of property
Threats – excluding domestic violence
Minor in possession of alcohol
Drug possession
Drug possession with intent to distribute
A stand alone resisting arrest charge, i.e. cases where a person is charged with resisting arrest and that is the only charge
A resisting arrest charge combined with only charges that all fall under the list of charges to decline to prosecute, e.g. resisting arrest charge combined only with a trespassing charge


But doesn't

Drug Possession with intent to distribute


Wanton and Malicious destruction of property

need to be eliminated from the list and dealt with in court


The first amendment gives you the right to seek redress from your elected officials.

Send some e-mails. Make a sign and plunk your red ass down outside Rollins' office. Write some letters.

In other words, participate in democracy instead of whining and making up strawmen.

that, like the majority of people complaining about Rollins, von Richtofen here doesn't actually live in her county?

I had a guy leave a motorbike behind the dumpster at my building, flip me off when I asked him what he was doing and 90 minutes later another guy comes by and assesses it. I left for work before they took it out of my yard. BPD did nothing. Can't blame them, it sucks, Rollins Sucks. What does she live? Enabling b.s. Is not helping anybody. She is using policy to allow criminals to take advantage of the tax payers. But those dudes in my yard don't vote or pay taxes.

Or you need to take a reading-comprehension class.

She is talking about crimes she doesn't want to prosecute when those are the only things somebody is charged with.

Somebody charged just with trespassing? No prosecution.

Somebody charged with a violent crime in addition to trespassing? Prosecution.

Nothing in her list and related explanation says she won't prosecute people who are charged with both ABDW and trespassing.

I think a lot of people would be surprised what's on the list. One that kind of stuck out

Threats during a Domestic Dispute!! We know that eventually leads to bad endings

Like how come they didn't lock him up before he did that he was always threatening his wife.


You can go look it up yourself. Or you can go find Adam's posts and find the link. You're a big adult, you can teach yourself.


From Rollins own website, she says she would decline to prosecute " threats EXCEPT domestic violence". Either you misread it or you are intentionally trying to stir up hate of Rollins with a lie. It is also worthy of note that all of these declinations are subject to supervisor review and reversal.


please read this scumbag got was released on $300 bail


Blow your smoke somewhere else.


with us don't post. God forbid a different view or and opposing view.


tHe LiBeRaLz R oPpReSsInG MEEEEE!!!


= "oppression"

Keep worrying about Pronouns


It's lbb.

How many reading comprehension fails is that in just this one thread? You suck at this. Take a seat.


But those aren't men, they are animals.


Please don't insult animals. They behave far better than this.

These people are scum, to put it politely.


Look at what happened in NYC over the weekend. Four homeless people viciously killed, a fifth barely alive, because the city repeatedly let the perpetrator back on the street after several previous arrests for violent crimes. We need to take a hard look at how many crimes are done by repeat offenders - people released by the DA or the courts. These people need to be off the street after the first offense, that is what will make city streets safe.


You realize that people are released because bail is a means of making sure people come to their hearings, nothing else?

I think it's finally time we have a conversation about abolishing prisons. People don't belong in cages.


You know she doesn't believe in what she says. Prisons are racists!!! always the first words out of their mouths. Prisons are for scumbags no matter what color. 83% of violent criminals commit crimes when they are released.


I suggest you do more research love. People of color are disproportionately sent to jail over their white counterparts for the same crime or less of a crime. This information isn't really that hard to find. Pipeline to prisons is a real thing for people of color.

There is a reason why we have such a high recidivism rates. The US prison business treats people like animals which means people will act like animals. Never mind the fact that we do not teach people new skills, give them mental health needs, get them clean, etc. or keep them safe - all of this under our care. Never mind the fact you have guards raping and pillaging. So when they come out and have less than zero what do you think will happen?

Take a look at Germany or the Netherlands. Check out their recidivism rates and why they are so low. Why do you think that some politicians want prisons privatized? Money for them and their cronies.

We found the frightened little white guy terrified of minority women with power!

fuck does AOC have to do with this?

Other than making you a scared little whiny baby about OMG COLORED WOMEN WITH POWER OMG OMG !!!!!! (shits pants)

But redbaron's posts are not real.

What the Ever Loving fuck does AOC have to do with this?

AOC is the only person on Earth who knows life is ending in 12 (Now 11.25) years.


With information like that, it is in our best interest to listen to everything she has to say so maybe we can figure out exactly how the world is going to end. She seems to only talk about it to traditionally naive people (college kids, democrats) instead of scientists and FEMA logisticians.

Or write for television, one or the other. Your projection fantasies are pure fiction.

Are they looking at this as a hate crime? As far as the Transit Police they have a police office less than fifty yards from where this attack took place but the shades are always drawn and the officers stay inside and rarely goes on patrol.

If ever a beating was needed, it would be for this dirtbag. Stomping an elderly man already on the grown? Gawd I wish someone came through and stream-rolled this loser. Sadly nothing will happen because, you know...Massachusetts judges.

Lets take bets, I say Mr. Tolbert will be right back out in front of Ashmont doing the exact same thing (or worse) in no time as all.

Remember when he was arrested and sentenced for threatening/harassing a Women in Mass? #Metoo but sadly it looks like he only did the minimum because he's right back to being a fu&%ing menace to society again.


Please lock this up this waste of space - we don't need him in Boston.


If the cops did what needs to be done at this location, the neighborhood would be in an uproar. They need to move these assholes along, and knock heads if they don't do it and knock them again the next time they come through if they see them again. This area SUCKS for the 99.9 percent of residents who aren't scum.


Police Brutality charges, are you kidding me they would love to be able to do their job

This scumbag has been arrested before just recently harassing a women. I hope Dan Conley oops (wishful thinking) Rollins locks him up.



How many judges ride the Red Line? Julius walked out of Dorchester court with a bail set at three hundred dollars even though he is wanted in the state of Indiana. He and his buddies will be back at Ashmont terrorizing passengers this afternoon. The judge told him not to loiter at Ashmont which gave Julius a good chuckle.

I’m sure that DA Rachel Rollins will have questions about these attackers. First thing she’ll probably want to know is what the disabled victim did to provoke these thugs.

Instead of inventing stupid hypotheticals - why don't you find an actual court case where you don't think Rollins handled it appropriately, and discuss that? Preferably somewhere where it's actually relevant to the topic, please.