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Man stabbed on Causeway Street near the Garden

Drew Karedes reports the victim suffered life-threatening injuries shortly before 9 p.m. WHDH reports the man was found between Portland and Lancaster streets.

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This is a Headline we should not want to see at any time or place -- but between Portland and Lancaster Street at 9 PM -- be concerned be very concerned!

Its not a story about some offensive web page with teenage-level spewing -- which seems to have garnered huge attention. Its not the result of some drug deal gone bad in a bad neighborhood.

NO -- This is someone being stabbed outside of one of the major sports complex and soon to be a major general entertainment complex during prime hours.

Why aren't there people clamoring for action from the Mayor, Police Commissioner, Suffolk County DA, and even the MA Attorney General?

So do we call for banning all knives -- or do we find out why this kind of thing is happening in a very public place during very public hours -- and do something about it!

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the Bs played a rare holiday day game yesterday.

i agree that the north station area is similar to methadone mile. you don't want to be anywhere near the place if there is no event happening at the garden. lots of street dealing and shenanigans.

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Dude, a major sports complex??? What a joke. Look across the street (Causeway) from the Garden at how disgusting it looks. The building where Burger King used to be is still abandoned and boarded up after all these years. The sidewalks are covered in spilled, sticky drinks and urine. The 7-Eleven is a magnetic force for the unbathed, uncared for, mentally ill who spill out from the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health building around the corner. The CVS on the same block has the perpetual smokers loitering out front coming from the methane clinic around the corner. The litter is everywhere. I've sent messages to 311 so much about sidewalk defecation, used needles everywhere, and urine-smelling parking lots so much that they must see me as a "regular" complainer. I work down there and have to walk through it every day. So I have complained. And the same shit happens every day and has been going on for years.

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I work around there and that general area of Causeway, Portland, Canal, etc is a mini- Methadone Mile, so I'm not really surprised about this.

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with the Hub on Causeway bringing a Star Market, a food hall, and other shops and restaurants to the neighborhood. Will that start to drive away the problems people are reporting here?

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