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Armed home invasion in Hyde Park: Resident tied up, two men arrested, three guns seized, more suspects sought

Updated with BPD information.

Police responded to 27 Business Terrace, off Business Street and across the Northeast Corridor train tracks from the Shaw's, shortly before 9 p.m. for an armed home invasion.

Boston Police report:

While on approach, the officers were informed by their dispatcher that the caller was still on the line, stating that there were several armed suspects inside the home attempting to rob the occupants and that they had tied up at least one adult male victim on scene. As the officers made entry, several victims began yelling that the suspects were making their escape through a rear door of the residence. The officers made their way to the rear of the building where they quickly located a male suspect, later identified as Larry Green, 38, of Dorchester, hiding underneath a staircase. The suspect was immediately placed in custody without incident. Officers located multiple victims on scene, including three males who had been restrained with zip ties. No injuries were reported and all parties refused medical attention.

Additional responding officers then conducted a search of the area after receiving detailed descriptions of the outstanding suspects. Officers soon observed and approached a second male suspect, later identified as Dejon Barnes, 19, of Worcester, standing in a nearby parking lot.

Police add that officers found "a Sig Sauer SP2022 handgun, a Taurus 709 handgun and a Taurus G2C handgun from inside the address as well as several zip ties, latex gloves and other evidence of the crime in the surrounding area" - and that they are looking for "any possible remaining suspects who may have been involved in this incident."

Green and Barnes weere both charged with home invasion, unlawful possession of a firearm, carrying a loaded firearm and assault by means of a dangerous weapon,

After police arrived on scene, train service on the neighboring Northeast Corridor tracks was halted - with one train held at the Hyde Park station - so that officers could search the tracks for possible suspects. Business Street nearby was blocked to traffic.

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This the same suspect that put his victim on life support over a robbery less than a year ago.

He was facing murder charges then. How did he get back on the street so soon?


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