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One dead in double shooting on American Legion Highway in Roslindale

Victim identified as Pascual Casiano, 41, of Jamaica Plain.

Boston Police report two men were shot at 581 American Legion Highway, near Canterbury Street around 2 p.m.

Both were transported to local hospitals, where one died. The second victim is expected to survive, police say.

The incident happened as the Haley School on the other side of American Legion Highway was getting ready to release students for the day. According to BPS, Boston School Police advised school officials to hold a regular dismissal.

This is the second murder in Roslindale this year.

2019 Boston murders.



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which is absurd. A daytime murder very close to a school where, and this is sad that it might matter, a lot of white middle class kids* go to school and no real coverage. Terrible job.

* My point about the racial make up is not that it's any better/worse to have a murder right near a school but rather that the media tends to care much more about stuff happening to middle class and up white people.

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Why would you bring up race?? Read the Universal HUB page today

Man shot on Cedar St
Man shot at Franklin Field
Gunfire at Ruggles
Man shot on Garfield st HP
Roslindale ( probably more Mattapan)

Now I wonder what is the race of the people involved???? Take a Guess

The Globe can't keep up with this action, maybe the new DA can?

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Has a gag on most of this kind of stuff.

...That’s part of what makes uhub so vital.

Look at how Boston is zoned. Real crime happens on the “plantation.”

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If you read it, you’d know that.

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Yes, murder near a school during school hours should be a news story regardless of who's involved.

BTW in no world is this 'more Mattapan' other than the fact that you presumably think like your boy McCarthy that non-white people are from elsewhere.

I brought up race because the Globe (and local media in general) don't care much about 'minority' crimes but I thought the proximity of white children to this murder might kick up their interest level.

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murder? The problem is it happens everyday!!!! Figure out the problem.

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Was the shooting yesterday a "Minority Crime", Did a minority kill a minority?? So that should be front news? The problem is that it isn't news anymore. In July a person killed in daylight on Rowe Street.

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is getting more comments than "Minority Crimes" wonder why?

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