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Man shot to death in Roslindale, a couple blocks from where another man was murdered on Thursday

Victim identified as Aderito Barbosa, 35, of Dorchester.

Somebody was fatally shot around 10:35 p.m. at 35 Paine St. in Roslindale, behind the Haley School and a couple blocks away from the spot on American Legion Highway where two men were shot, one fatally, on Thursday.

The man, 35, was declared deceased at the scene, Police Commissioner William Gross said.

The scene is less than a mile from where police were already responding to an assault and battery on Navarre Street - and from the scene of an armed robbery earlier today that led to a manhunt in Dedham. This is Roslindale's third murder in 2019.

2019 Boston mutders.



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I wonder, location is so close. Drugs involved?

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