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Roslindale armed robbery becomes Dedham manhunt; suspects remain at large, if no longer in area

Suspects in a Roslindale armed robbery this afternoon sped away and onto Rte. 128 before seeming to double back towards Boston on Rte. 109 in Dedham - where they abandoned the car on a side street, prompting local and State Police to flood the Riverdale area as they searched for them and told residents to stay inside.

It's the second gun-related incident in Roslindale in two days. Yesterday, two men were shot, one fatally, on American Legion Highway.

Today's incident began with an armed robbery around 12:45 p.m. at 350 Cummins Highway, near the intersection with Canterbury Street and American Legion Highway, in Roslindale, then drove away in a black BMW. Dedham Police report:

This vehicle traveled onto Interstate 95. The Massachusetts State Police took over attempts to stop this vehicle. The vehicle entered Dedham via exit 16A. This information was communicated to Dedham Police units who proceeded to move to positions where they may be able to assist. The vehicle traveled on Route 109 east and turned left onto Pine Street where Massachusetts State Police units stopped following the vehicle.

Police found the car abandoned at Short Street and Violet Avenue, police say.

A perimeter was established in the area with the assistance of officers from the Boston, Needham and Westwood Police Departments along with the Massachusetts State Police. Residents and businesses were advised via social media and direct phone calls to shelter in place at this time. Canine units from the Massachusetts State Police and the Boston Police responded to track the occupants who fled from the vehicle.

A Dedham Officer in the area of McGolf on Bridge Street was advised by a retired police officer who was present that he observed a couple of suspicious individuals in the area.

Police lifted their shelter-in--place order after retrieving surveillance video from a local business that showed the suspects getting into another vehicle and leaving the area, police say.

Police did not provide a description of the suspects.

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