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Mobile fentanyl lab, more than 12 pounds of fentanyl and four guns seized in raids in Hyde Park, Dorchester and Brockton, police say

Boston Police report an investigation into drug sales on Mission Hill led to raids on Thatcher Street in Hyde Park, Southampton Street in Newmarket Square and Brockton yesterday that netted 5,700 grams of fentanyl, a portable fentanyl processing lab, four guns and $27,000 in cash, as well as the arrest of two alleged traffickers.

Raided on Thatcher Street was a residence. On Southampton Street, officers with a search warrant opened a storage unit and found a "mobile fentanyl processing lab" and "multiple drug presses" as well as ammunition.

Police say Alan Soto, 29, and Cruz Budhai-Soto, 28, both of Brockton, were arrested and charged with trafficking class A drugs, distribution of Class A drugs, conspiracy to violate the drug laws and various firearms charges.

Police say State and Brockton Police, the DEA and the FBI participated in the investigation.

Innocent, etc.


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Gives an entirely new meaning to "deathmobile".

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Is this another crime on the DA Rachel Rollins “Do Not Prosecute” list?

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