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Man wanted for an armed home invasion arrested in a Roxbury basement, faces new gun charges, police say

Boston Police report officers looking for a man who's been indicted for home invasion and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon found him Monday night outside a house at the corner of Schuyler and Maple streets in Roxbury.

Jacari Cosgrove, 21, of Dorchester, however, was not looking to be found, police say:

When the officers located and approached the suspect in a driveway at the above address, the suspect immediately fled into the building, locking the door behind him. Additional responding units set a perimeter and were able to gain entry, at which time they located the suspect hiding in the basement along with two other individuals who did not reside in the building, later identified as Anthony Kelley, 18, of Dorchester and Rivaldo Jean, 18, of Dorchester. All three parties were placed in custody without incident. The officers continued their investigation and requested a BPD K-9 to the scene to search for any possible weapons. K-9 'Tyson' and his handler soon located a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson SW40VE handgun which was later determined to have been discarded by Cosgrove.

Cosgrove was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm and trespassing, police say, adding the other two men were charged with trespassing.

In addition to the home invasion and assault-and-battery charges - police did not specify when and where he allegedly incurred those - and the new gun charges, Cosgrove was arrested in 2017 on scooter-theft charges.

Innocent, etc.

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