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Police look for man they say violently attacked woman in North Station

Wanted for North Station attack

Update: Arrest made.

Transit Police report they are looking for a man they say used a "blunt object" to attack a woman in the commuter-rail section of North Station around 10:25 p.m. yesterday.

Police say the man attacked the woman "without provocation." WCVB reports she was smashed in the face.

If he looks familiar, contact detectives at 617-222-1050 or text an anonymous tip to 873873.



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How far away do you think the nearest transit officer was when this occurred?

Not tagging on the officers as individuals. I am tagging on the abhorrent station staffing practices.

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What staff? Only if you're trying to get on the CR at Back Bay will the MBTA have officers making sure you have your ticket...fare is fair!

I really hope the woman is ok. That's scary.

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"The man walked up to the woman and without provocation punched her."

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Why is the police office on the concourse never staffed? Why doesn't the office have windows so the public can actually see an officer. At South Station the Amtrak police have an elevated desk where an officer sits and interacts with the public not avoid them like the Transit Police.

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How many times in your lifetime has you seen a Transit police officer riding inside the trains

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She should have heard him coming to attack her then.

Oh, wait - he wasn't driving a motor vehicle.

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