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Seven arrested after several shots fired into Harbor Point apartment

Boston Police report arresting seven men in an SUV and seizing a gun wrapped in a sock not long after several shots were fired into an apartment at 36 Harbor Point Blvd. last night.

Police say officers responding to a report of multiple shots around 10:30 p.m. spotted an SUV matching the apartment dweller's description - and wiith just one headlight on - on Mt. Vernon Street a few blocks away:

Officers initiated a traffic stop and approached the vehicle to speak with the occupants. Due the nature of the circumstances, officers removed the operator and the additional six occupants from the vehicle. Officers observed ballistic evidence inside of the vehicle and subsequently located a firearm inside of a sock within the webbed storage compartment in the lower front passenger’s side door. All seven occupants were taken into custody.

All seven were charged with unlawful possession of firearm and carrying a firearm without a license, police say: Driver Marshall Reid, 27, of Lowell, Andre Spriggs, 35, of Dorchester, Robert Peebles, 22, of South Boston, Dequan Martin, 26, of Pawtucket, RI, Khalil Newson, 24, of Dorchester, Ijahleel Reid, 21, of Randolph, and Marquice Rivera, 21, of Dorchester.

Innocent, etc.



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Lowell, South Boston, Pawtucket, RI, Dorchester. Quite a network.

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