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Three teens stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue at Seaver Street, one dies



Boston Police report that one of three teens stabbed during a fight on Blue Hill Avenue near Seaver Street on Saturday afternoon died.

Police say Yonan Guerrero, 16, who was stabbed around 4:50 p.m. at 575 Blue Hill Ave., died after he was transported to a local hospital.

The other two teens suffered less serious injuries and are expected to survive, police say.

A knife was found on Nazing Court, Live Boston reports.

This is Boston's third murder in 2020.



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Often find trouble. Hope this doesn't lead to retaliation.

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short but hurtful thinking.

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all the people that knew you are praying for you. Thanks for all of the good memories.

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The teen with life threatening injuries passed away at the hospital. So sad

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If you would like to help the family

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Reminds me of back in the early 90’s when I lost my first lil buddy he was about the same age his name “Charmaine Snipes” he was stabbed and killed in Boston and it ruined me. It let me know early in life that my life was in jeopardy even as a child in Boston. This city has absolutely nothing to curb these tragic events. And after 30 years this city is ruining a new set of friends who will carry this loss. While the mayor’s concern is building structures not building lives. Thanks Boston.

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Hi my name is Asia Gross and I wanna know more of your friend Charmaine snipes I’ve been looking for his family for a long time I was told he was my father

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