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Shooting in medical area, car chase down Rte. 9 into Brookline ends with suspect fatally shot

Shut road in Longwood Medical Area

Roads into Longwood Medical Area were shut. Photo by Kristin Johnson.

UPDATE: Valet now in critical condition.

A Brigham and Women's valet attendant was shot shortly after 9 a.m. by somebody who then sped away down Rte. 9, until he crashed near the Star Market on Rte. 9 in Newton and was shot by pursuing Boston police officers.

The attendant is in stable condition, Brigham and Women's reports.

The suspect was taken away in critical condition. Brookline Police

Not long after, however, the hospital lifted the shelter-in-place directive.

ACT Brookline then reported:

Multi car accident on Boylston & Hammond St in Chestnut Hill. Plus the suspect has been shot. Please avoid the Star Market parking lot.

Boston Police set up a command post at the Star Market and shut the entire parking lot - and Rte. 9.

A nearby school was put into lock-down mode.

Boston Latin School was put into "safe" mode - in which nobody was allowed into the school.

Boston, Brookline and State Police are all investigating the incident, along with the district attorney's offices in Suffolk and Norfolk counties.

Around 10:30 a.m., a woman who was headed to the Brigham and Women's labor and delivery unit was stuck in gridlock on Huntington Avenue because the roads around the hospital were still shut. Police, however, cleared a path for her so that she could give birth in the hospital rather than in a Subaru.



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But the Star Market is actually on the Newton side of the town line.

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Report from the Brigham says a Valet was shot.

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...that the guy who drove away down Route 9 was shot and killed, seemingly by the Police.

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Got it bass-ackwards. First the report of the Newton crash then the report about the shooting and wondering if they were related. Even putting a graphic up showing that the Mall is 3 miles away.

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