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Man shot to death on Delhi Street in Mattapan

Live Boston reports a man was shot in the chest several times around 7:35 p.m. on Delhi Street at Violet Street.

Boston Police report the victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

The shooting happened as residents were gathered in the nearby Mildred Street School for a public meeting on cleaning up the Neponset River.

This is Boston's ninth murder in 2020, and the second in Mattapan - on Feb. 15, Hilton Clark, 18, was shot to death less than a mile away on Colorado Street.



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I saw the blue lights when leaving the EPA meeting at about 8:30.

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My condolences to the deceased. If the police know an area is hot why don’t they show a presents ? I live in the area and after the last one they stuck around for a day or so then they left never to be seen again. I get nervous getting out of my car at nite I wonder if I get hit will there be any help. Or will I just be another story of an inner city boy being killed ?

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I am tired of them saying murder rate is down from previous years. As soon as they say that you read or turn on the news to hear about another murder. As the days get warmer the police need to be in force in the hot areas. To the young men involved in that way of life. Please stop you are only hurting your community!

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But just like the city's schools, Boston is behind the times.

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Boston Public Schools Make magic everyday . They teach under resourced , under valued , and trauma filled people to change the world around them... Try to make where you come from with nothing and show your work. Lame... Yeah I said it.

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Those who live in nice police guarded areas of Boston Massachusetts imagine growing and living were there are multiple murders in a 1mile radius of unguarded land were you lost over 40 friends since the 90’s and there are still no solutions or hardcore police presence.

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What? places with heavy police presence tend to be areas with high gun violence AND areas with little gun violence usually have nascent police presence.

There is no amount of policing that will make you feel safe because if there is that many police they would be policing your daily movements which is also very unlikely to make you feel safe.

Trying opening the pocketbooks for ORGs and projects that are actively trying to engage at-risk youths and find them employment or challenge them so they are aware of what the have to lose.

The violence is a problem, the solution is not more cops on those blocks, no one wants to talk to them anyway.

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