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Man wearing blue surgical mask robs bank on River Street on Hyde Park/Mattapan line

The Santander Bank at 860 River St. was robbed by a black man wearing a blue surgical mask, a green hoodie, dark sweatpants and black and white sneakers around 12:45 p.m. He ran towards Mattapan Square with a white sack full of cash.

Even burglars taking coronavirus precautions.



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He probably stole that too...

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this POS. I feel terrible for the bank workers - they already have to deal with corona concerns, not they have to deal with the bottom-of-the-barrel that humankind had to offer.

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Where are all the people who were saying a couple of months ago that it should be a crime to wear a mask in public?

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it wasn't actually a surgeon, like that guy from a couple years back who took off in the middle of an operation to go to the ATM?

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