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Police say man failed at breaking into a closed Readville gas station with a brick; they find him ambling across the line in Dedham

Boston Police report arresting Todor Bodrug, 20, after they say he tried to break into the Rogers gas station in Wolcott Square in Readville early this morning - possibly for the second time.

Police say that around 3:20 a.m., officers responded to the station on a 911 report of a man trying to break into the station with a brick:

A witness observed the suspect throw a brick down on the sidewalk and flee the scene on foot. Responding officers quickly began searching the surrounding area for the suspect and observed a male, later identified as Tudor Bodrug, 20, of Boston, matching the description given out by the Boston Police 911 dispatcher.

Bodrug was walking in the area of 497 Sprague Street in Dedham, just over the Hyde Park line when officers stopped him. Bodrug and was positively identified by witnesses as the man attempting to break into the gas station.

Police added that officers had responded to the station about two hours earlier when the station's alarm went off. They noticed evidence on the front door that somebody had tried to get in, but found no suspect that time.

Bodrug was charged with attempted breaking and entering in the nighttime and malicious destruction of property, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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Todor Bodrug?! Damn. That's my stage name.

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Do Robot Drug

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LOL, was thinking anagrams but was too lazy to give it a shot. Kudos!

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Right down the street from me!

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