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Crime in the time of corornavirus: After man is shot in Dorchester, large crowd gathers

Boston Police report arresting two teens on charges they shot a man on Westville Street in Dorchester around 2 p.m., after possibly first shooting at but failing to hit somebody else in the Franklin Hill development about eight minutes earlier.

Police say one of the suspects, a 17-year-old too young to be named, shot the victim at Westville Street and Louis D. Brown Way - named in memory of a 15-year-old shot to death in 1994. The victim, himself 19, got to 64 Westville St. and ran inside, where police officers, alerted by the BPD ShotSpotter system, found him with a gunshot wound to the leg that was bad enough to require them to apply a tourniquet.

Police found themselves in loud up-close confrontations with both people in the house and bystanders as they attempted to get the victim out and into an ambulance. None of the cops - some of whom were called in from other parts of the city - wore masks and many officers had no gloves, similar to the people on the street, according to video from the scene.

Police say they arrested Rain Warren, 18, and Cody Claiborne, 38, both of Dorchester, on charges of assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Both women, police say, struck an officer in the face, police say officers were also spit on. The video shows an officer striking one of the women in return.

Police say an officer on patrol in the area of Columbia Road and Geneva Avenue spotted the two suspects on their scooter soon after.

The officer stated that the scooter fled on Greenwood Street, driving the wrong direction towards Harvard Street. Shortly after that the suspect's scooter crashed into a vehicle at Harvard Street and Standish Road. Members of the Youth Violence Strike Force in the area were able to apprehend one suspect (operator) immediately after the crash. The second suspect was apprehended moments later as he exited an alley near 5 Standish Road. Officers obtained video which revealed the suspect entering the rear of 5 Standish Road after the crash. An officer from the Canine unit responded and after a search of the area recovered a loaded firearm in the rear of 5 Standish Road.

Both the 17-year-old and Rolondo Carrero, 18, of Hyde Park, were charged with armed assault with intent to murder, illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm, possession of a high-capacity firearm, possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number and discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, police say.

Police continue that the Westville incidents happened not long after two people on a scooter shot at a man standing on Shandon Road in Franklin Hill. They missed him but hit the car he was standing next to, police say.

The younger teen was also already wanted on warrants for illegal possession of a firearm, illegal possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm and trespassing, police say.

Innocent, etc.




With the warmer weather coming having everyone at home - no money, no jobs - this is the beginning of some major violence issues.
If things get worse a curfew could be coming.

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...and the woman was yelling in officer’s face, resisting, and she punched him first based on video. Police are not punching bags and have a right to protect themselves. Based on the video she was antagonizing the police, and got physical first.
Honestly they showed restraint. Surprised the police don’t have masks and gloves on.

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This is not a defense of her behavior or a criticism of the officers - but you have to understand the state she was in.

(I was not directly involved but I was there when the woman was bailed out of jail)

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... Corona Street.

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It is going be a long spring and summer in the projects if things don’t get back to normal fast.

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Normal is a long way away, and many of the community-based strategies that would be tried in normal times aren't feasible right now.

If there is a spike in street crime (which it seems from a few incidents I've heard and read about) I think there should be a serious online forum to look at every possible strategy, maybe working out some positive strategies that would carry over into better, normal times as well.

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Not just your favorite bias targets. Everywhere.

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Like WTF,

To people who are determine to Murder during this time while, We the people are being Murder by the Virus, Could. We HAVE A Truce, Your. Blow/Drama/ Ops, they Get A Pass until this blows over.

Im asking all who on bent on carrying out Violence. PLEASE, STOP THE VIOLENCE.


Be patient and fall back, the virus may do your job or your might die 1st. Save your life stay in side.

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For those of you who criticize the police for not cracking down on teens playing basketball or riding on dirt bikes watch this video. They are trying to keep the peace not start a war.

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Crazy! I can’t believe he punched her in the face like that. I wonder what Rachel Rollins and Gross is going to say about this. Oh, I already know it was self-defense even with her being held by the other office. Unacceptable behavior

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