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Two teens charged with attempted armed robbery on Minden Street in Jamaica Plain

Boston Police report arresting two 15-year-olds for trying to hold up two men walking down Minden Street, near Schiller Street, in Jamaica Plain Friday evening.

Police say the men were approached by the two, who demanded their wallets.

During the incident, one of the suspects indicated that he was armed with a firearm, though none was seen. When the two victims refused to comply, the two suspects fled the area.

Police say the victims provided descriptions, which officers on patrol in the area used to stop the teens a couple blocks away on Walden Street. After the victims identified the pair both were arrested. Because one made motions as if he had a gun both were charged with being delinquent for intent to rob while armed. Police say they did not find a gun.

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Is this happening more often now that fewer people are out on the street?

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Because more people are getting food delivered these days, but otherwise, it seems like it might be about the same numbers are before, it just seems magnified here on UHub, at least, because I basically am now writing only about coronavirus or violent crime (with the occasional detour into porcupine news). But I should check the BPD stats the next time they come out.

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