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Fight ends with one stabbed in the hand at Maverick T stop

Update: Two arrested.

Transit Police are looking for two guys for a stabbing at the Maverick Square T stop that started in the station lobby before spilling out into the busway around 4:45 p.m.

A second man suffered cuts and bruises. A T inspector who rushed to break up the fight was not hurt.

The suspects are described as a bald white guy in a bright red top and a black guy with dreads and wearing a black hoodies under a long green trench coat and multicolored sneakers. Both ran away; the stabber left behind the knife, which police recovered.


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Are doing the best they can. I am told several officers are either in the hospital or being quarantined. They have a big problem holding on to officers and are short over seventy officers who have left the department in the last year.

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