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Two shot in Mission Main

One victim being loaded into an ambulance

Boston EMS staffers get one of the victims into an ambulance. Photo by Live Boston.

One in the back, one in the neck, around 9:30 on Turquoise Way near Horadan Way. Shell casings found behind at 30 Horadan Way; a building on Turquoise Way had fresh bullet damage.

Both victims are expected to survive.

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There has been an uptick in shootings. Wondering if anybody has heard some that have been unreported.

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So many shootings near Mission Main during quarantine.
There were two on March 14 and 20 in the near-by Mission Hill Playground, then one more on April 12 and this one.

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When you live Among the disenfranchised & the forgotten in this city you don’t have to wait for Covid to get you, because from the day we off the porch our lives are in jeopardy. Hold strong and remove your hat for the lost.

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