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Two shot, one fatally, on Centre at Lamartine in Jackson Square; four arrested

Two men were shot at Centre and Lamartine streets around 10 p.m., according to Stanley Staco and Mark Parkinson, who reports one died.

Boston Police report arresting four men - two on gun charges, one for allegedly trying to trip an officer chasing one of the suspects and one for allegedly getting out of his car and trying to provoke a fight with officers at the scene.

According to police:

While arriving on scene, officers observed a male suspect, later identified as Clifford Jones, 43, of Randolph, walking in the area of 287 Centre Street with the handle of a firearm visibly protruding from his left pants pocket. Upon seeing the officers, the suspect immediately discarded a firearm, which was later recovered, and took off running through the housing development. While in pursuit of the suspect, an individual, later identified as Tyron Blair-Battiste, 37, of Jamaica Plain, intentionally attempted to trip the officer. He was later placed in custody for his actions. When one of the officers was finally able to catch up with the Clifford Jones, a violent struggle ensued. While struggling on the ground, the suspect attempted to pass a second handgun to a female who was standing nearby. The officer was able to maintain control of the suspect until such time that additional officers arrived on scene and the suspect was placed in custody. Officers then recovered a third firearm from the suspect’s right pants pocket.

Simultaneously, another officer responding to the foot pursuit observed a different suspect, later identified as Rushon Hemingway, 23, of Springfield, walking away from the scene while attempting to conceal a firearm in the waistband area of his pants. Upon seeing the officer, the suspect took off running with the officer now in pursuit. The suspect was placed in custody in the area of 279 Centre Street at which time officers safely recovered a loaded handgun which had been discarded by the suspect as he fled.

As additional responding units attempted to secure the crime scene, they were confronted by an irate male party, later identified as Uhmari Bufford, 25, of Jamaica Plain, in the area of Centre Street and Lamartine Street where officers were diverting traffic. The suspect stopped and exited a motor vehicle he was operating and began to yell at officers on scene, challenging them to fight him while demanding access to the crime scene. The suspect continued to berate the officers and began to remove outer layers of clothing while continuing to state his desire to fight the officers. After repeated verbal commands to leave the area, the suspect was placed in custody.

It's the latest in a string of shootings in or near the Mildred Hailey Apartments, including:

Boston murders in 2020.


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What is the Boston-specific Covid death count for healthy people under 60 compared to the 2020 Boston murder count for the same demographic? As I warned on UHub early in the scare, our police have been horrified by the lengthy, daily lists of extremely volent, hardened criminals released early, purportedly for their own safety. These inmates were safely locked down but released even though law-abiding citizens were ordered locked down. Let that sink in, the criminals were released while the innocent were locked down.

We know that the average age of Covid death in MA is 82. Hospitals are partially vacant and laying off. Healthy people under 60 have almost no chance of death from the virus. Many who have "had it" didn't even know because the effects were so mild and insignificant. This stopped being about the science a long time ago but rather than waste the crisis, we see Democrat and RINO officials seeking to cause maximum chaos in a reelection year.

WickedLocal Allston still provides the Boston Police scanner. Give it a listen HERE anytime but especially during today's 80 degree PM. Decide for yourself whether Boston is currently in the midst of any health crisis other than preventable violence.

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Please DO NOT FEED this troll. Clearly he has tried to harness the power of cognitive dissonance, he may go critical at any time. Fox-induced China-syndrome.

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"we see Democrat and RINO officials seeking to cause maximum chaos in a reelection year"

For what purpose? Just to be villains and watch it all burn? What is the motivation behind politicians purposely causing "chaos"?

The beautiful thing about your statement is that it can be easily counted and quantified with basic math. Either more Bostonians under age 60 will die from violence compared with COVID-19, less Bostonians under age 60 will die from violence compared with COVID-19, or the same or roughly equal amount of Bostonians under age 60 will die from both causes.

Those are the only three possibilities; while I don't know the exact numbers and I haven't done the math myself, I look forward to calculating the results and sharing them with you to see if your hypothesis is correct.

And if you are incorrect, will you admit that or would that be too emasculating and embarrassing for you?

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dangerous individuals without discharging their weapons. In the spirit of respect for law and order, I think we should allow the BPD to supplement the Michigan State Police and lend them to Governor Whitmer in Lansing to disarm the broke dick, insulin dependent, half a POG, cosplay actors, threatening a duelly elected, democratic government.

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"Volent offenders"? You wish! Or were you thinking that they're just too fly?

Oh, Fishy, thank you. I try not to make too much fun of typos because so many are autocorrect/autocomplete-induced, and besides I sometimes maintain awareness of the reality that I'm not a great speller or typist - but I had no idea how much I needed the laugh.

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A strange side effect of the drop-off in traffic due to COVID-19 is that I've noticed more ambulances through the day, usually with lights but no sirens. I assume this is because people are more careful about how we go to the hospital than we would normally be-- not taking Ubers or cabs, not endangering a friend by getting a ride. Or, maybe, I'm just noticing it because the traffic has dropped so much, and seeing an ambulance when COVID-19 is always on the edge of my mind makes me wonder if it's taking another victim.

I'm mentioning this because we live pretty close to Centre & Lamartine. I heard the shots, back in the middle of April, so we knew what happened. But I actually saw the ambulance and a cop car last night, but without the sound of sirens, it doesn't register as a possible shooting.

This makes me wonder if, as we're all overloaded with worry and hyper-awareness because of COVID-19, we're not as alert or sensitive to other problems. The last time there was an outbreak of violence in my neighborhood, there were meetings & people speaking up & agitation to do something about it. Families who had children in the line of fire at a birthday party were vocal. I just talked to my neighbor, as we were doing laundry in the basement. Now, people feel helpless and dulled. Meetings are off the table.

I worry about the majority of families at Hailey, who may be more vulnerable this summer. With the exception of one program, over ten years ago, when a truce was worked out with the assistance of a retired cop, the police have often been more provocative than calming.

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I have had positive observations about the police work in the Jackson Sq. area, including some very positive community policing work.

Meanwhile, I second your worry about families at Mildred Hailey this summer. Families and neighborhood non-profits are doing a lot to fill in for the lack of children's & family programs, but it is still a challenging summer ahead.

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I'm sincerely glad you've seen good community policing lately. Over the past year or so-- since the cops started moving addicts off the lots on Estrella Street-- I've noticed more aggressive confrontations between a handful of the regular cops and folks (not addicts) on Centre Street and in the Dunks parking lot. Not brutality, but definitely some in-your-face stuff that seemed to come out of nowhere. But, of course, I haven't been out enough in the past few months to see if there's been any change.

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Wow. I was just there yesterday coming back from the check cashing place to pay my overpriced Xfinity bill. Your never know when you could get hit by a bullet. Unfortunately, I have no choice because I live in the area.

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