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Police: Drunk guy with gun tries to flee scene of gunfire, is arrested

Boston Police report that officers on patrol around 12:15 this morning heard gunfire coming from Livingstone Street off Blue Hill Avenue - and spotted a car pulling away with its lights turned off.

They pulled the driver over about a block away, on the other side of Blue Hill Avenue at Woodrow Avenue:

The operator, later identified as Anderson Joseph, 39, of Quincy, opened his door and exited the vehicle while appearing to be unsteady on his feet and displaying further signs of impairment. While speaking to the officers, the suspect began to reach into his left side pants pocket. When the officers went to secure his hand, they could feel that he was clutching a small firearm inside his pocket. The officers were eventually able to place the suspect in custody after a brief struggle at which time they recovered the firearm which was determined to be a loaded .380 caliber Taurus PT738 handgun. Officers continued their investigation with assistance from BPD K-9 Tyson which led to the recovery of a single .380 caliber shell casing in the area of Livingstone Street and Ashton Street.

Joseph was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded firearm and OUI, police say. Officers did not have to transport him far for booking - he was arrested about a block away from the B-3 station.

Innocent, etc.

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