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Teens visit Boston, wind up beaten, robbed and stripped naked in Park Street T stop, police say

Eures and Wilkie

Transit Police report two out-of-town visitors, one 17, the other 19, who came into Boston for "a day of leisure" on Monday had a fun day with a group of strangers they met on the Common - until the group led them into the Park Street T stop.

After several hours, at approximately 10PM, the two victims were led into the MBTA's Park Street Station where they were assaulted by the very group whom they just spent the day with. The victims were punched and kicked and threatened with a knife. The victims were relieved of all their possessions to include their clothes, shoes, cell phones and US Currency. When TPD officers encountered them the victims were naked and bloodied.

Based on their descriptions, officers searched the area and found two men who matched the victims' descriptions. Dashone Eures, 18, of Dedham (left in the photo) and Keshaun Wilkie, 21, of Dorchester. After the victims IDed them, they were taken for booking, police say.

Innocent, etc.


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How come Governor Charlie Baker, Mayor Marty Walsh, DA Rollins, Attorney General Maura Healey and Police Commissioner Gross never mentioned this vicious attack in their press conferences.Has any one of them reached out to the victims and the families and pledged that the individuals involved will be prosecuted for this terrible crime? How many T-Passengers witnessed this brutal and humiliating attack and said nothing and did nothing?

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Governors, DAs, Mayors, etc. tend to comment on crimes when they are systemic or part of a trend. Maybe you believe that it shouldn't be like this and that the governor, the mayor and the DA should comment on every violent crime, but they haven't in the past, so...

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shedding light on the matter may help in the "urban" neighborhoods. How many times has Adam posted incidents on here that have not been even remotely discussed on the main outlets.

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This may be big news in your world right now, and it is pretty bad, but it is kind of overshadowed by a pandemic and an authoritarian violence spasm.

We elect local people to focus at this level - have you talked to city counselors? Local reps?

We elect people to statewide office to deal with things at a higher level than each individual crime. Things like "how in the hell did this happen inside a major transit station and nobody seemed to notice?".

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This enterprising you man is shaping up to be quite a local Fagin of sorts with the way he runs his underage crew.

Wonder if he can be charged for orchestrating these assaults? Contributing to the delinquency of minors, perhaps?

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Rather than "money." Does that mean that these were international visitors?

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Like every other group, cops have their own lingo, and for some reason they always refer to "money" as "US currency."

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especially appalled that this can happen inside not just an MBTA station, but Park Street?

I haven't used the system in months, but it's great to see they're still keeping up with that whole not trying thing.

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Not trying what? The Transit Police arrested two suspects. What else would you expect them to do?

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"Quick hit" crimes like a snatch and dash, punch and run, etc. are one thing; they're unfortunate, but it's understandable how these things could happen even if stations were better manned. And Kudos for TPD for catching them.

But for people to be able to be beaten, robbed, and stripped inside of an MBTA station, let alone a major station, is just absurd.

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This is the sort of thing that becomes possible when the general public (read: eyes on the street) stops riding the subway.

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I assumed the black participants were kidnapped from Hyde Park to "diversify" the crowd.

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