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People shot, at Dale and Warren streets in Roxbury

Possibly as many as three people, one in the chest, at Dale and Warren streets around 11:15 p.m. on Friday, Live Boston reports.


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Per the latest on U-Hub. But yes, let's defund the police!

I actually think it's wise to discuss police officer selection, training, and tactics, etc. What happened in Minneapolis, Buffalo and elsewhere can't happen. But we also need to remember the good work they do. And frankly, they do risk getting assaulted or shot on a pretty regular basis.

So let's have a rational discussion. Be angry when they do wrong, and be grateful every time they take a gun off of our streets.

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If you make the selection process too stringent, certain elements of society will complain about discrimination. “So what if my record is littered with assaults, domestic violence, and drug violations, I deserve this job because to not give it to me is systemic discrimination!”

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So who do we call for this crime issue?
Gun, murder, or shots fired?
911, 311, or 411
Some are asking for one to being defunded.

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The defunding wont hurt their effectiveness if they just stop padding their overtime.

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When a cop arrests a person on the night shift, do you expect him to stay on duty for the day to go to court and not be paid for it?

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It cops didn’t shoot them, so it doesn’t matter, right?

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