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Man fatally shot in the face on Norfolk Street in Mattapan; suspect arrested

Crime scene at Woolson and Norfolk

Crime scene. Photo by Live Boston.

Around 8:15 p.m. on Norfolk Street at Woolson Street, Doogs reports.

Boston Police report the victim was declared dead at the scene.

Police say that on arrival, police found Rafael Santiago, 35, of Malden, with a gun in his hand.

The officers were able to quickly deescalate the potentially deadly encounter, convincing the armed suspect to drop the firearm after issuing numerous verbal commands. The suspect was then placed in custody and the revolver was safely recovered.

Innocent, etc.




So many fireworks you can't tell if someone was shot less than half a block away.

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There’s never a social worker around when you need one.

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Someone could also say:

"There's never a police officer around when you need one."

...for the guy who was murdered.

But they shouldn't, because it would be a dick thing to say too.

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You have so much to learn Carmella.

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Spend more time reading actual information and less time watching Faux Snuz and spitting out "snappy comebacks!" like some sort of trained parrot.

Nobody thinks social workers should handle violent crime. But social workers can and should handle things like mental health and drug-related situations, because they can do that without turning it into a fatal use of force incident due to lack of training or excessive attitude, with far better long-term results.

Turning every problem into a crime to be solved by cops and jails is an extremely expensive farce and we have decades of actual, factual data that say so. Ditto for militarizing cops. You might look into reading some of that information.

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Sacco & Vanzetti were tried, convicted and executed by like minded conservative Americans 100 years ago. Many Italians were upset and felt that Italian lives didn't matter. Unassimilated Italian Americans complained about mistreatment. Prior to their execution Italians rioted and even bombed a juror's home. These Italians just didn't understand and appreciate America like real Americans do. The police were just doing there jobs and Italian radicals wanted transparency and accountability. That's what Sacco and Vanzetti got at trial in Dedham and in the end in Charlestown. "Justice". Granted there were no social workers but there was electricity and a chair.

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This was random crime.
Testing the gun.

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