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Man stabbed to death at Fields Corner Domino's

Fields Corner crime scene

Crime scene. Photo by Live Boston.

Victim identified as Onell Colon, 36, of Dorchester.

Boston Police report a man was stabbed around 11 p.m. on July 3 at 205 Adams St. in Dorchester's Fields Corner.

He was taken to a local hospital, where he died, police say.

This is Boston's sixth murder since Tuesday. Boston murders in 2020.




That area between Lynne’s liquor and the Hero Square triangle has become a permanent squat for drunks and addicts. Fights and people overdosing are not an uncommon sight, and sadly last night's deadly stabbing hardly come as a surprise.

That crowd has been there for years, but before the Covid shutdown at least they didn’t constitute a majority of the people occupying the area during the daytime. Now the only thriving business at the intersection of Dot Ave and Adams St seems to be the liquor store and maybe the Domino Pizza shop, and the ratio of addicts to non-addicts is not good. It may take a long time to climb out of this situation.

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Back when I was 18 years old ( 17years ago) I too was robbed in front of that Domino’s/Liquor store. I was so young and innocent, that was the first time something like that happened to me, growing up in Milton . Man robbed me , took my pocketbook back when Polo Sport pocketbooks were in.He ran up that side street next to liquor store and I lost everything in my possession to that Loser!!

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Sure, even though it happened years ago, it's still traumatic, as it would be for anybody.
What a drag to be robbed like that!

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I agree still traumatic, so long ago but every time I drive by or hear about that area I always think of it. Something I’ll never forget . Taking it personally is something ya can’t do because that will put a toll on ya. Had to remind myself many times that this is that mans career and it’s nothing personal, I was just the target for that moment. Thank you for the kind words ❤️

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albeit a dangerous one, to boot.

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Let police investigating before discussing the neighborhood. This location is active as many restaurants open late at night and many people pick up food for late dinner.
Bad people is everywhere and they normally don't committed crime in their neighborhood. Just keep an eyes on out of town guests to protect yourself and your neighbors.

Will you do illegal stuff in your grow up neighborhood? Or your own house?

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People seem to come to Boston from all over Mass just to drink, smoke drugs, turn tricks and intimidate the residents in the neighborhoods!

Anyone who grew up in Fields Corner is not pooping on the corner outside St Ambrose or Viet Aide.

Even if the Mayor and City Councilors want to keep pandering to non profit poverty pimpin' machines in Boston, they should try to remember who lives here. The CEO of the Pine St's and BHCHPs do not live in Dorchester, maybe they live in Needham. They don't think the actual residents of Bostonian are real. Nobodies child should have to see this. Surprised there are children in these neighborhoods?

Boston becoming the outdoor psychiatric unit of the state. Mass needs to put real mental health services in place sooner than later. We could start by not allowing every detox in the State to discharge their clients onto Albany St.

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