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Two shot, at Tebroc and Bowdoin streets in Dorchester

Around 9:10 p.m. The victims got themselves to two local emergency rooms. Numerous cars and at least one house on Bowdoin Street also hit.


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... just Corbet spelled backwards?

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Navillus Ter. is down the street.
And elsewhere in Dot is Adanac Ter.

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Somebody liked to do mirror reading, perhaps?

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Named so because the man who developed the street, who as a 5 year old I only knew as the very nice I assume 80 year oldish man know as Mr. Howard, was from Nova Scotia.

He and his wife lived in the house on the westerly corner of Ashmont and Adanac. The house in the 70’s, still white as now, had green awnings with white H’s in gothic letters.

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