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American Legion Highway? More like Crash Highway

Travel New England had a front-row seat for a crash on American Legion Highway at 6:30 this morning that we'd love to hear the excuse for:

The crash comes just a couple days after another crash at American Legion and Cummins Highway - which resulted in an arrest, although not because of the way the driver allegedly managed to slam into the curb hard enough to cause major front-end damage, activate the air bags and bring a nearby detail cop running.

According to police, the driver of the Acura that ended up curbed around 8:50 p.m. on Wednesday, got out and began walking away, up Cummins towards the Stop & Shop, as did his passenger:

As the officer continued towards the males to inquire if they had been injured and to ascertain what had occurred in the moments leading up to the crash, the two males refused to speak with him and continued on their way.

Officers caught up with one of the males, believed to be the operator, in the parking lot of the Stop & Shop while the second male made an abrupt stop when he observed the police cruisers having stopped the operator. The second male turned around and placed an object into his jacket pocket, before removing it and tying it around his waist. The second male pushed passed the officer, intentionally bumping into him. The officer was able to apprehend the male with the assistance of additional units, recovering a gray and brown RG model RG 26, .25 caliber firearm which was unloaded and inside of the male’s jacket pocket. Additionally, two knives were seized from the male’s waistband. The male was taken into custody.

Police issued the driver a summons because he doesn't have a driver's license. The passenger, Hermon Sherif, 22, of Dorchester, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, police say.

Innocent, etc.




Perhaps if they took out the word Highway from their name, people would not drive so fast.

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People in the neighborhood have been trying to get the city to change the name to American Legion Parkway for years.

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So none of these people have ever driven on West Roxbury "Parkway" or VFW "Parkway" and experienced a lesser-speed just due to the name? I fail to understand the thinking that changing the road's name will impact how people drive. For that matter... how many people that drive too fast on any roadway care what the name is, or even know the name?

Heard the same thing about Cummins "Highway." When it was named and rebuilt to be named after a local parish priest and community organizer, it was in fact quite the "highway" in its day in the early 1900s.

Changing a street name is not always a local thing. CIty, state, and federal government get involved in the process. Post office has to change. 911 response systems need to change. Fire dept has to change, and the list goes on forever.

You can't change the name of a street because a handful of people in a small neighborhood thinks that it will cause reckless drivers to slow down. Indeed, what do the people on the Blue Hill Ave end of things think about that anyway? Never seem to hear about their input on a name change. Always seems to be the same group in a small neighborhood cluster. It might be interesting to see just how many in that small neighborhood actually support that name change. That indeed would be very interesting to find out. And yes, I do know the answer. It is not well-supported there and people connecting from other parts of the city think the idea is just plain silly.

Oh, let's also remember that ALH is a dedicated evacuation route if we need to bail out at some point. You'd need to change DoD and FEMA listings as well.

I think I will try to rename the oak tree in my yard to "rose bush." That will make it smell better for sure. Yeah... that's the ticket.

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Not paying attention to the red light or not noticing the fact that the car in front of you stopped at the red light, on the other hand, appear to be big issues with this one.

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From the picture of the crash, it seems as if speed was the issue here. The car that crashed to the curb and activated the airbags was going awfully fast before the crash happened. The vast majority of vehicular crashes occur due to the driving operating at too great a speed for existing conditions.

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Car stopped at red light in a slow and deliberate manner.

Next car brakes too late.

Second car should have seen the first car stop. There are no visual impediments.

If the first car wasn’t stopped, speed totally would have been a factor. Since that wasn’t the case, it was lack of attention. Also, air bags would have deployed at 30 mph.

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I doubt it. You could call a road American Legion Pain In The Ass Slow Road, or Fred, or Jamaicaway, and people will still drive as the physical conditions encourage.

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Not since they stopped using turning pikes on Turnpikes.

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If they ever want to balance the city budget, just station a few unmarked cops on AL Highway and the Jamaicaway and stop everyone driving over the speed limit. Or, anywhere else in the mostly 25 mph city for that matter.

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Great idea why cops though. Just throw up some cameras. Then do it everywhere. If people actually had to pay for speeding they would drive more slowly.

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Washington DC and the surrounding areas started doing that almost 20 years ago. You'd come home and find a neon green sticker telling you you were cited for speeding. Embarrassed the heck out of my fellow Triumvirate member when I came to visit him. :)

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