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Man shot to death on Adams Street in Roxbury

Roxbury murder scene

Orchard Park crime scene. Photo by Live Boston.


Boston Police report a man was shot at 18 Adams Street in Orchard Park in Roxbury around 12:45 a.m. He was declared dead at the scene.

Friends are identifying him as James "Power" Hendricks, 49, of Hyde Park..

Boston murders in 2020.



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It is now 5.33
Nbc Boston has this and the other terrible murder as the 5th story.
CH 5 has this as 6th or 7th story
CH 4 doesn't even mention the murders
Ch 7 has the murders down the page, below the 23hr old article on a ex Alabama cop charged in NH.
You can see why local news is crap, and Black lives definitely do not matter, unless a cop or a white guy is evolved.
RIP to the murder victims. I hope those responsible are brought to Justice.

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