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Man shot to death on Regis Road in Mattapan

Regis Road crime scene

Regis Road crime scene. Photo by Live Boston.

Victim identifed as Dwight Stamp, 35, of Quincy. GoFundMe for his family.

Boston Police report a man was shot at 25 Regis Rd. in Mattapan shortly before 2 a.m. He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Boston murders in 2020.



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There was a party cars lined Cummins by the bridge there was so many people walking to the party. I knew something would happen and I was right. My condolences

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It is now 5.33
Nbc Boston has this and the other terrible murder as the 5th story.
CH 5 has this as 6th or 7th story
CH 4 doesn't even mention the murders
Ch 7 has the murders down the page, below the 23hr old article on a ex Alabama cop charged in NH.
You can see why local news is crap, and Black lives definitely do not matter, unless a cop or a white guy is evolved.
RIP to the murder victims. I hope those responsible are brought to Justice.

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More like suburb news

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Back in the spring, I posted a dire warning here of a "six page list" of the most violent, hardened criminals released from custody in Suffolk County and surrounds due to Covid fears, even though most were under 60 and healthy, with a minsicule risk of death from the disease. For most of them the streets are far more dangerous. I mentioned high ranking officers who had forbade their families from entering Boston because of a guaranteed looming violent crime wave. Here we are now, two more Black lives taken not by a choke hold but most likely in some way by the malfeasance of our elected officials and Judges hoping to inflict maximun chaos before the election. I don't know yet whether the suspects/victims last night were part of the infamous release list or not but most of those involved in the Boston Murder Epidemic this year have been violent "impact players" who should have been incarcerated.

Where was Marty today, warning those relaxing on M Street Beach to use sunblock while social distancing? On the state level, while the Golf Courses opened in the spring, immediately after hiring lobbyist and former Suffolk DA Dan Conley, the criminal courts are still closed for most business. Lock your doors but keep voting Democrat and RINO!

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