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Police: Bitey self pleasurer with drugs and cash attacks cops in the Back Bay on Monday; goes to Roxbury police station on Tuesday and attacks cops again

Boston Police report charging the same man twice in two days - first on Marlborough Street across from the Public Garden in the Back Bay on Monday, then again at the B-2 police station in Nubian Square in Roxbury on Tuesday.

According to police, officers responding to a report of a man "committing a lewd act" on Marlborough Street around 11 a.m. on Monday found the man "touching his genitals while standing on the sidewalk."

When officers attempted to speak with the male, he would not respond and appeared to be under the influence of drugs. Due to the suspect’s lewd behavior, officers attempted to place him under arrest, to which he responded by grabbing one of the officer’s face masks, ripping it off of his face. A violent struggle ensued in which the suspect was kicking, spitting, and licking the officers. Eventually officers were able to place the suspect into the handcuffs. The suspect was secured and placed in a prone position on the ground due to his violent antics. During this time, the suspect proceeded to try and bite the officers while continuing to spit on them. During a frisk of the suspect, officers located four plastic bags containing a substance believed to be cocaine, one plastic bag containing a substance believed to be crack cocaine, one hundred and ten Percocet pills, two plastic bags containing marijuana, and over $4,000.00 in cash.

Due to the suspect’s altered physical and mental state, officers determined it would be beneficial for the male to receive medical attention and he was transported to a local hospital for an evaluation.

He was also issued a summons to appear in Boston Municipal Court on charges of assault and battery on a police officer, trafficking cocaine, possession of Class B drugs with intent to distribute, possession of Class D drugs with intent to distribute and open and gross lewdness, police say.

Around 10:30 a.m. yesterday, police say, the man walked into the B-2 police station, where he walked right up to the officer stationed at the front desk:

The officer made contact with the male who ignored the officer and continued to walk into a posted restricted area. The officer issued multiple verbal commands, ordering the male to exit the restricted area to which he refused. The officer gained control of the male in an effort to guide him out of the restricted area and in response, the male threw a punch at the officer, narrowly missing him. A struggle ensued eventually resulting in the apprehension of the male. On the victim’s person, officers located three plastic bags containing over $4,000.00 in cash, two plastic bags containing marijuana, as well as a digital scale.

After getting him under control, officers put him in a holding cell and charged him with trespassing, assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, and possession of Class D drugs with intent to distribute, police say.

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so did this guy have $4000 on him on monday (first arrest) and then $4000 more at the police station on Wednesday (second arrest)? im guessing he didn't get back the Tuesday money because he also had drugs?


he just always keeps $4000 walkin' around money on him as a matter of practice.


My guess is Dragon Links

Guess I'm officially old now that I think baby-talk language when reporting/ discussing serious incidents cheapens the topic. I know, I know... I'm an anon, I don't have to read UHub, I'm an elitist, I should stfu.
xoxo proud product of public education


Ah yes, cheapening the refined topic of [checks notes] crack, public masturbation, and biting cops.

DA Rollins considers the lewd behavior and drug possession as a “victimless crime” - that’s why the suspect wasn’t arrested on Monday.

Does she also think that physically assaulting police officers is a victimless crime? After all, according to her ideology, it’s not like police officers can ever be victims...


I should have done a better job explaining things, because Rollins (or more specifically, her assistant DAs) had nothing to do with the first incident.

Police determined the guy needed immediate medical care and so had EMS called to take him to a local hospital for observation - but issued him a summons to show up in court.

So he wasn't arrested like you think and hadn't shown up in court before the next incident, which means, basically, Rollins's office had nothing to do with his case.

Also, and I bet you know this but don't care, I suspect: Rollins has NEVER said she won't prosecute people charged with violent crimes. Assault and battery on a police officer is a violent crime. Draw your own conclusion as to what that means, but remember that when Rollins released her list of crimes she didn't want to prosecute, she made a point of saying that was for stand-alone crimes. Somebody charged just with trespassing? That's a no. Somebody charged with trespassing AND attacking a cop? That's a yes, prosecute.


Too bad that MAGAts can't handle complicated situations or nuance or reading.


To demonize Rollins and blame her for every single violent act that's been committed since shortly before her birth.

It's a little known fact, but she also was seen sneaking around the Long Island bridge a few years ago with a cutting torch trying to weaken the structure so that it would need to be condemned sooner. She just wants to see the city burn. /S