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Man stabbed to death on Massachusetts Avenue; second Methadone Mile murder in five days

Suspect being taken into custody

A grinning suspect being taken into custody. Photo by Live Boston.

Update: Victim identified as Michael Dezrick, 48.

Boston Police report a man was fatally stabbed around midnight outside 1024 Massachusetts Ave. - a half mile from where another man was stabbed to death on Friday.

Police report arresting Mary Fox, 38, for the murder.

Live Boston reports the stabbing happened in Clifford Playground, across the street from 1024 Massachusetts Ave.

Innocent, etc.


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Has become sin city and the police on orders from weak kneed politicians have turned the neighborhood into a no go zone where law and order has been replaced by law and disorder.

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You are 100% correct because I've spoken with multiple detectives and officers, and you can also see them just sitting there in various places but in an obvious perimeter around the area, and I've also been told they are not allowed to go into the shelter because self-injection is allowed, and drugs are obviously NOT legal. these sites are not supposed to have drug dealers freely walking around selling pills and all kinds of dope
. I was down there trying to look to see exactly where my son was murdered on July 31st and a guy started going nuts. store and get out, take a right out of the parking lot and your first left, and you will enter hell. People walking around in a total days, falling asleep standing up, yelling and bugging out from meth, Coke, and dope. The mayor's brainchild is the 10th here and he throws a couple million dollars to the Boston health commission now and then to show he's a good guy. , and also to keep the junkies in one place because God forbid they spill over into the nearby hightower residential buildings, or any other neighborhood nearby
But you'll never catch him down there. He was invited to a memorial tomorrow but not only did the memorial get ignored, and isn't happening although( I'm the one that was invited not the other way around,) but also the staff member who selflessly came running out not knowing if he'd been shot if the guy had left accentra and ripped his shirt off and applied pressure, and help my son talking to him until he was unconscious.
The staff down there needs support. But the mayor can't be bothered to stamp a signature on a citizen bravery award? The staff needs to know that they are supported by the mayor and the others that give them a tiny paycheck. SIN CITY INDEED.

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iam so sorry for your loss please let me know if it ever gets easier? they didnt deserve this and i hope you and your family are coping as good as can be expected. Mabey we can find some comfort knowing they are no longer struggling and our at peace. these animals will kill you over $1. nuke the whole are and get ICE down there deport these illegals who come in to sell dope and meth.

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Mary Fox, 38 of Boston, and a well known vagrant who is a “resident” of Methadone Mile is under arrest this morning for Murder. Fox could be seen laughing and smiling as she was taken into custody and placed into the Police Wagon.

The arrests follows another fatal stabbing, the second in 5 days, in that area of Mass Ave that is well known for its homelessness, drug abuse, prostitution, violence and other forms of crime. Multiple eye witnesses describe a terrifying scene as Fox jumped a man without warning who was selling refreshments in the park stabbing him while he was already on the ground. 

Due to the quick and extraordinary work of Boston Police Department (Official) Officers from Districts B-2, D-4 and C-6 the woman who stabbed a man last night in Clifford Playground was apprehended less than 20 minutes after the heinous act.

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looks like they forgot the part where they admit to doing next to nothing about the "drug abuse, prostitution, violence and other forms of crime" that goes down there day in and day out.

i have actually lost count of how many times i've seen drug deals and drug use on Southampton, Mass Ave and the Mass Ave extension over the years - in plain view of police officers sitting in their squad cars.

BPD and the city of boston have been content to let methadone mile fester into what it has become. they shouldn't get praise when a murderer is captured quickly in an area where police presence is intense but seems otherwise apathetic towards actual policing.

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their hands are tied. Mayor Walsh and Boston Public Health Commission have said hands off. We have our own little Hamsterdam right on the Mile, getting worse each day. Methamphetamine. Open air drug market, shooting gallery, looks like a third world refugee camp. This is not to be blamed on BPD. This is Mayor Walsh's baby

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For some reason the municipal, state, and fed govt still can't make it stop. Goes to show you Drugs and Addiction are right up there with the money generating machines of the entire world. Dare anyone to prove me wrong.

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On the news at noon on WCVB, they mentioned the stabbing but also say there's no word on any suspects, which seems kind of odd when Adam's had this pic up all morning with a name attached.

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Sorry, this isn't really about the murder, but I saw this on Twitter as a response to that tweet:

Shocker ! No masks! No Social Distancing!! But god forbid I order a pizza with no mask! #murder

... yeah, she should have a mask on. That's the problem here. How dare Marty let murderers get away with not social distancing.

This really isn't funny, but I can't help but laugh at it.

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"Why can't I order a pizza without a mask on, while this accused murderer gets to be arrested without one on?"

Thinking even more about it, you can and should order that pizza without a mask, over the phone, so your masked interaction time with the restaurant is reduced.

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How could someone stab another person while socially distancing?

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Make sure everyone stays safe by using a mask and Bayonet.

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I know this situation isn't funny but I have to admit your comment made me belly laugh. I'm overtired.

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We are truly back in 1918.

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I agree it feels like we are but the man who was stabbed his mother was looking for him after a few wks she just return back to Jamaica and a day later her son is murdered crazy right

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I went down there after a month of not hearing from my son relapsed after being in a halfway house for several months, working at Amazon. The stimulus check sent to him which is ridiculous and all of the people that are drug-addicted, is what triggered him to leave
well also triggered him is that after a 10-minute subway ride he can be down there with drugs in his hand, and needles, in 20 years ago and I was Using this area... You wouldn't even consider selling someone a joint without worrying about cops. We had to actually work on it to try and get our dealer. since it was so hard, we got so sick many times we went for help!we need to stop making it so damn easy, let the cops do their job, and clean up this complete ridiculous "New Jack City"!!!(the memorial that was tomorrow has been rescheduled or...I don't even know if they're having it anymore and I suspect is from my comments on social media there is some of my 27 year old son doesn't get even a small memorial. Died at the place the mayor put up, and Marty made a comment ( WBUR) when he wanted to be elected again that he would, and I quote, "end homelessness by 2018" .

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A glaive oughta do it.

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This seems to be as good a time as any to introduce the concept of the "Call of the void" (https://www.wbur.org/endlessthread/2018/06/29/the-call-of-the-void), which describes that part of some people's brains who look at this photo and think, "She seems nice."

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