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Man slashed in the neck at Mass. Ave. and Albany Street

Shortly before 9:30 p.m. The victim fell to the ground, then ran through traffic a half block down Massachusetts Avenue before Boston EMS found him and transported him back a half block to the Boston Medical Center emergency room. Injury not considered life threatening.

It's at least the third knife attack in the general Mass/Cass area in the past two weeks, although the other two were fatal.



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Through a single light cycle with my kids in back, I believe I witnessed two sex acts, multiple people shooting up, several people in zombie staggers, and drug deals. Clear to ID a dealer as he seemed the only lucid alert person. It is disheartening to see all these wasted lives. Doesn’t surprise me one bit that disputes are settled with weapons. The city needs to deal with this. Letting it fester is not the solution.

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