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Three shot on Hammond Street in Roxbury, one dead

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someone makes a comment like yours about the South End / Roxbury border. Historically (meaning when Roxbury was still a separate town), the line was just a few feet from the place in this particular news item.

That Controversial Roxbury-South End Border

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Identity changes, borders change, names change, but I have never heard that area referred to as South End. Not sure even real-estate agents would try to get away with that :-)

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It has South End resident parking stickers and there are frequently meetings and articles about real-estate developers calling it the South End, including a fairly major one about the Alexandra Hotel. https://www.wbur.org/bostonomix/2019/04/17/hotel-alexandra-neighborhood

Roxse Homes was so named because it's right on where a number of people considered the line to be.

But the actual point is that someone died. I doubt the person's loved ones care what you call the neighborhood right now.

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Congrats to recently educating yourself on local history or are you new to Boston? The critical issue is that someone is dead who shouldn't be dead.

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This is the new normal, two shot in the head (one dead) on Thursday night, three shot (one dead) last night. Priorities aren't in order when the media coverage focuses on a virus that has killed ZERO people under age 20 in Boston instead of a violent crime epidemic that kills and maims far more of Boston's young.

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