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Man wanted for kicking, spitting at woman at JFK/UMass T stop may have also attacked an Uber driver downtown

Wanted for assault and battery

Surveillance photo via Transit Police.

A man Transit Police say attacked a woman he was piggybacking behind at the JFK/UMass Red Line stop last Tuesday also punched an Uber driver on Arch Street on Friday afternoon, according to the driver's passenger at the time.

According to Transit Police, the man, dressed in a gray puffy jacket and black pants, piggybacked behind a woman at the JFK/UMass fare gates around 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday. He kicked her and spat at her, police say, adding that when they catch up with him, they'll charge him with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (shod foot) on a person over 60.

According to a person who saw a photo of the guy today, he's the same person who attacked an Uber driver around 5:30 p.m. on Friday.

The rider said he had just gotten into an Uber car outside 33 Arch St. downtown when the guy - dressed in the same gray puffy jacket and black pants as shown in the MBTA surveillance photos - walked up to the driver's side window, accused the driver of "looking at him" and wound up to slug the driver. The passenger reported the driver had good reflexes and hit the gas, but not before the guy connected with the driver's face.

The passenger added that the driver was not seriously hurt - and that the guy managed to also punch the car before the driver got completely away.

If he looks familiar, contact Transit Police detectives at 617-222-1050 or send an anonymous tip to 873873.




Ridership is even lower and vicious attacks like this one doesn't inspire confidence attracting new riders.

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Do you feel the same way about taking an Uber?

How about being on Arch Street in general?

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that doesn't mean that things don't occur that are not good. The fact that so many people, both MBTA staff and passengers alike, who refuse to wear masks doesn't exactly inspire confidence in riders, either.

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Just because no one was wearing masks the last time you took the T doesn’t mean that is the case now. Masks are being worn by the vast majority of riders.

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I tried the T back out a couple of weeks ago. Still poor compliance. I am with the construction crowd, in at 5 out at 2 and the compliance tends to reflect jobsite compliance (poor)

Bought a bike and have been parking at nearest free street parking and biking the 20 minutes into work.

Side not: I am surprised more people commuting in via car do not buy folding bikes, these things are great and pay for themselves in no time.

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Not daily, but occasionally. I won’t claim 100% compliance, but easily 90%

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Side show bob?

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I get piggybacked often at Forest Hills and never say anything because I don't want a confrontation. We women have to be extra careful. MBTA does not protect riders. Bring back the Guardian Angels.

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That's why they were removed.

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Facts, last thing we need out here on the T is a bunch of George Zimmerman wannabes in red berets.

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