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Man who keeps getting arrested for attacking people downtown is arrested again for role in attacking somebody downtown

Boston Police report arresting two men last night for trying to rob a man on a moped - who was able to drive away even though one of the men had repeatedly stabbed his rear tire.

Police say the moped rider found himself approached by three guys looking for trouble around 10:15 p.m. outside 131 Tremont St., at Winter Street.

The victim stated that one of the males attempted to pull his arm and the keys from his moped, while a second male tried pushing him around. Then one of the males took a knife out and began to stab the rear tire of his moped. The victim stayed on his moped and was able to drive away and call 911.

Arriving officers found two of the men, one clad entirely in black, the other entirely in red, nearby:

The officers stopped the males, and as they were speaking with them, one of the males kept reaching into his front pants pockets and waist area, after multiple commands to show his hands. Upon conducting a pat frisk of the suspect, officers located a firearm in the front waistband area of the suspects pants. The firearm was a silver and black Zoraki 2918, containing one live round of ammunition and one round in the magazine.

The second individual continued to reach his hands into his front pants pocket, and became agitated at the officers when they began to pat frisk him. As a result of the pat frisk, officers recovered a folding knife from the suspects left front pocket.

Adelson Lovensky, 22, of Boston, was charged with possession of a firearm in commission of a felony, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition, carrying a loaded, large-capacity firearm, unlawful possession of a large firearm, armed assault to rob and distribution of a Class D drug, police say.

In February, 2019, Lovensky was arrested on charges he had stabbed somebody on Tremont Street at Park Street. In October, 2018, he was arrested on charges he beat a man in the head with a gun handle on Winter Street.

Filsdyn Modan, 24, of Somerville, was charged with armed assault to rob, malicious destruction of property over $1,200, possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest, police say.

Innocent, etc.




Seems like the Judicial system needs to do theirs.
Lovensky is a menace to society .

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Well the prison population has increased about 500% in my lifetime and now hold basically the highest prison rate in the world. So if you are implying that overall we lock up too few people, you are factually incorrect. Obviously with these numbers we went way wrong somewhere and we desperately need to figure out how to significantly diminish our prison population.

If you're talking just about this guy, yeah. Not that many people are out there committing armed robbery and attacking random people so if we could focus the majority of our policing efforts on this type of crime that would be great.

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red and black guys?

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When I first posted the story, my headline and first paragraph had something about how one guy was dressed all in red, the other all in black. Then I looked up the two guys and discovered how one of them was, as they say, not unknown to police in those parts and changed the headline and paragraph to reflect that, but forgot to do something about the red-and-black references further down.

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This guy is in enough trouble already without this silly tacked on anachronism.

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I thought possession of weed was generally legal now (see your dealer, some restrictions may apply). Maybe the BPD meant possession with intent, in which case, have at. I'm not sure if they're actually in enough trouble though, Lovensky has nearly filled his violent crime bingo card in the past 2 years (I know, innocent until...) at this location, beating, stabbing, and was prepped for shooting (assuming his Zoraki didn't jam). People people, its been said here on Uhub many times, don't do more than one crime at a time.

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is criminal. You can't have more than one ounce in public but that is only a $100 fine (and the police keep the rest of the weed).

If you have a medical card you can have up to 10 ounces.

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TEN ounces!

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but thats all you get for sixty days.

Its cumulative, which is why card holders can carry so much. Cuz you never know, someone might have just come from a dispensary buying all 10oz at once.

Yes I saw this happen last year... guy came in beside me at a dispensary and bought several 100-paks of pre rolls and some other stuff. Walked out with a shopping bag full.

I wanted to say to him.. "you know this place is open every day of the week..."

Of course he now had to wait 60 days for all it to fall off his card (and yes the state tracks down to the .0000 of a oz . Its even all online..)

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Is a blank firing pistol. It can be converted to live ammo but it is not an easy process. Very realistic looking though.

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... is the question, "Why is this guy on the street where he can continue attacking people?"

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There is also something called a "dangerousness hearing" for situations like this.

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The system is screwed up enough that guys like that keep getting absorbed, only to be spat back out again. It's ludicrous!

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This guy sounds like he's not only a familiar figure in the criminal justice system, but is also one of these people that the system constantly takes in and spits right back out again, if one gets the drift. It's ludicrous. He sounds like a dangerous enough guy that, once and for all, should be arrested for, tried for, charged with, and imprisoned for a good long time for his constant physical assaults on people. I mean, seriously--this guy needs to be taken off of the streets once and for all!

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