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Gunfire off Ruggles Street near Northeastern campus

Around 7:35 p.m. People on the neighboring Northeastern campus were asked to shelter in place.


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This is an area I often pass through on my bike, as recently as Monday night when I was returning home from the Franklin Park Zoo.

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The Huntington News reported on it. Not a whole lot of details to be had: no one hit, no one caught.


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Northeastern's PD sent a warning about a robbery on Friday, October 30th, at nearly the same location, corner of Tavern Road and Ruggles Street. A female student was robbed of a camera at knifepoint around 2 pm; it was that snowy day and and she must've been out getting some beautiful photos. She sustained a minor injury, cut finger or hand, a witness reported. NUPD noted that the robbery is similar to other recent cases in the surrounding community. Be alert and stay safe!

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